Sunderland Illuminations 2015

Sunderland Illuminations 2015

We went to see the Sunderland Illuminations this year.  We had a lovely evening out with Nanna Jane, Grandad Al, Daddy J, Jake and Grace, the kids absolutely loved seeing all the different lights, There was an Alice in Wonderland theme to start, we then seen Tinkerbell, Doctor Who’s Tardis, skeleton lights in a locked cave lit up, trains.
Sunderland Illuminations 2015 Family Clan Blog Cheshire Cat
There was some beautiful waterfall displays around which illuminated blue in the dark, a trip down the sea front to see the sea.
Best feature which we all enjoyed and sat to watch was on the large pond. There was star shape lights and they all illuminated the same colour then different colours. Flashing, the reflection on the still water was brilliant and Jake and Grace really enjoyed it too.
Sunderland Illuminations 2015 Family Clan Blog White Rabbit

We treated them to a light up sword for Jake and light up star for Grace which they both loved.
Absolutely fabulous night and will be going next year again as we had a lovely family time together.

Sunderland Illuminations 2015 Family Clan Blog Light Waterfall

Mummy H

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6 Thoughts to “Sunderland Illuminations 2015”

  1. Harline

    Looks amazing

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    These look amazing beats ours hands down

  3. ashleigh allan

    Wow looks great!

  4. ceril roberts

    Love the lights and displays especially this time of year!

  5. Martina Evans

    Fantastic display, I love Alice in Wonderland! Such a nice place to have family time.

  6. Maya Russell

    They look SO good! I love the Cheshire Cat – brilliant.

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