Sunday Snap 7th August 2016

Here is Olivia looking for treasure on Blackpool Prom.  She later found a yummy ice cream with her name on it!

Sunday Snap Family Clan Blog

Sunday Snaps are just that, snaps, they will never be high quality framed shots, they are just capturing a moment of time or something that has been momentous during the previous week in the life of a Family Clan member.

7 Thoughts to “Sunday Snap 7th August 2016”

  1. Maya Russell

    Love that icecream detector! She’s loving the treasure hunting.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Haven’t seen a metal detector for years
    Maybe I’ll find icecream too

  3. Jayne Townson

    Lovely photo, she looks like she’s enjoying her treasure hunting. x

  4. sandy ralph

    cute photo and we love blackpool too

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Can’t beat Blackpool for fun

  6. Spencer Broadley

    At least she found a fabulous treasure xx

  7. Kim Styles

    such a sweet picture- she is very colourful !

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