Sunday Snap 6th January 2019 – Ice Cream & Crawling

This week Jensen had his first taste of ice cream on a day outing. He loved it!

Also today he has learnt to crawl, growing far to fast!

Jensen first trying Ice Cream

First of many I’m sure.

Mummy E


Sunday Snaps are just that, snaps, they will never be high quality framed shots, they are just capturing a moment of time or something that has been momentous or just fun during the previous week in the life of a Family Clan member.

6 Thoughts to “Sunday Snap 6th January 2019 – Ice Cream & Crawling”

  1. fionajk42

    This is such a lovely photo! He obviously really enjoyed his icecream.

  2. kelly wheelhouse

    He looks like he’s really enjoying that! I can’t wait to see my little boy’s face when he tries ice cream for the first time 🙂

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    Crawling already…time flies. Ice cream looks yummy!

  4. Sam Ripley O'Donnell (@lillyfer85)

    Such a cute photo

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    So beautiful – my favourite too – icecream – who cares it’s cold

  6. Susan B

    Crawling already? Wow! He’s doing really well.
    Love the photo. Icecream is one of life’s little treats.

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