Sunday Snap 12th August 2018

Yesterday we walked to the local shops and back, Grace found lots of berries on the way home, so emptied the ice-cream bars we had just bought into the bag and used the empty box to fill with yummy berries!

Grace says she wants to make a berry pie, yum yum!

Sunday Snaps are just that, snaps, they will never be high quality framed shots, they are just capturing a moment of time or something that has been momentous or just fun during the previous week in the life of a Family Clan member.


3 Thoughts to “Sunday Snap 12th August 2018”

  1. ashleigh allan

    Lots of fun and berry pie sounds very good!

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Just what we do too – ours arent quite ready for picking – beautiful photo

    1. Mummy H

      the red ones weren’t quite ready here but the black ones were ready and super juicy!

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