Summery Snacking with Ten Acre Popcorn

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Summery Snacking with Ten Acre Popcorn

When we are off out for the day a picnic is a must. I like to include something new for Jake and Grace to try. This time I have got Ten Acre Popcorn for us all to try.

Ten Acre Popcorn is Made in the UK, always a big selling point for me, but it is also Gluten Free, Dairy Free and MSG Free. It is even Vegan Approved – that’s a whole lot of claim from a bag of popcorn, but it’s all true – the best bit is it tastes amazing as well!

We was sent two bags to review, Aunty Winifred’s Sweet and Salty Popcorn, along with Lucia Popperly’s Cappuccino Popcorn from the Popcorn Orchard Range.

Ten Acre Popcorn Review Family Clan

I popped on to their website to find out more about these and was amazed to see that each flavour has its own story of how it came about. For example Aunty Winifred’s Sweet and Salty story goes along these lines.

Winifred Popperly was a sturdy woman and renowned rambler. Often seen walking the countryside using her walking stick as walking accessory She would trundle for miles often accompanied by an entourage of beleaguered wanderers she had hoodwinked into her epic jaunts.

This lady could walk. She once suggested a walk to some friends to get some waffles, and weeks later, her neighbours where getting postcards from Brussels. In time people in Ten Acre became wary of being drawn into treks that could by anyone’s reasoning lead them anywhere. Heaven forbid her suggesting going out for a Chinese!

The story goes on to tell how Aunty Winifred became stranded, but luckily had some supplies on hand to aid her rescue. I won’t ruin the story for you as it is quite a fun one.

Taste Test

Lucia Popperley’s Cappuccino Popcorn is really delicious. I’m always know to be the girl with the cup of coffee, I love a good cup of strong coffee normally 2 spoons in mine, so I was very eager to give these a test.

Upon opening them this pack smelled like a sweet cappuccino flavour. I’m not going to lie, I dived straight in. My taste buds tingled, this is the best flavour of popcorn I have ever had and the flavours really work within this packet with no bad after taste either. Just the lingering of a good quality coffee.

Aunty Winifred’s Sweet and Salty Popcorn. This is the kid’s favourite of the two (which I can understand as of course they don’t like coffee). As the name says is sweet and salty, a good combination of them both without one over powering the other. I am really impressed by these two packets of popcorn form Ten Acre and would recommend them thoroughly.

ten Acre crisps poster

Not only are they great for picnics, but film night, BBQ’s, family get together’s and much more. Ten Acre don’t just do hand picked popcorn, they also do a range of hand cooked crisps too.

Find the tempting range in Holland & Barrett stores, Amazon, as well as independent retailers. Priced at £1.69 (80g) or 89p for a 28g bag. For more info, visit Ten Acre Website

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7 Thoughts to “Summery Snacking with Ten Acre Popcorn”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Not just summer snacking ! Im eating some now – love them

  2. Chloe Taylor

    Ah popcorn is an amazing snack, i always go for sweet and salty, but I’d give all these flavours a try!!

  3. Susan B

    I had not heard of Ten Acre popcorn. Great to know that it is vegan and gluten free. Will look out for it.

  4. Laura Wheatley

    ooh these look lovely, would love to try the cappucino ones

  5. A S,Edinburgh

    Popcorn is a great light snack for warmer weather. I’ve never tried one with a coffee flavour, but it sounds lovely.

  6. debbieskerten

    Lucia Popperley’s Cappuccino Popcorn sounds very interesting. I love coffee flavour chocolates, so I’ll be giving these a try.

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Love this brand – they taste delicious – love my coffee but never been keen on coffee taste food

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