Summer holiday play sorted with Moj Moj

Summer holiday play sorted with Moj Moj

As the summer holidays are well upon us and a lot of families are planning late holidays and getaways – a lot of children ask their parents if they can take their favourite toys away on holiday with them which can sometimes be a nightmare when their fave toy is a giant teddy or bike, Moj Moj have you sorted!

Moj Moj are perfect holiday choice, with their super squishyness and they’re the perfect size to squeeze into your hand luggage or slip into your handbag. Great for us mums and dads to keep handy when children are stuck in long waiting queues in airports, long flight trips, long train journeys or even just a day out anywhere!

This year we didn’t going on holiday but we did go to visit family in Lancashire so we had a four hour journey to get there by train. We already had to get two buses and the metro before we even got to the train station. So I knew I needed some supplies to keep us occupied, as we all know kids get bored after an hour of looking at passing sheep and cows!

Summer holiday play sorted with Moj Moj Family Clan

I had the Moj Moj packed in my backpack not taking much room up at all as you can imagine my bags were jam packed with the supplies for two children and myself for a week so with them asking to bring their favorite. We brought a picnic for the train as this is something that Jake and Grace love to do. Once we were on the train Grace and Jake had their picnic I’d made up earlier that morning.

Grace was now showing signs of boredom so I knew this was the right time to get her Moj Moj packs out. She recognised the packaging straight away,’My Moj Moj!’ she announced for the whole carriage to hear.

Summer holiday play sorted with Moj Moj Family Clan

She was so excited and had to wear her super special sun glasses as she opened them. She said it would make them appear like magic – my children have a wonderful imagination. She loved the assortment we got.


Each pack features an assortments of limited edition, rare and ultra rare must have Moj Moj from puppies to pandas and seals to starfish just ready for you to poke, squeeze and squish. Each of the packs contain two Moj Moj’s within.

Within the packet you also get a poster with all the Moj Moj creatures on so you can tick them off with each Moj Moj you find and collect. Each creature belongs to their own group of family which include Adventure Seekers, Party Animals, Couch Potatoes, Happy Campers, Sun Bathers and Day Dreamers.

We had great fun revealing these on the train and they really did keep her occupied for some time! Grace’s favourite Moj Moj we revealed was the starfish, she really liked this squishy bumpy texture of this Moj Moj.

Summer holiday play sorted with Moj Moj Family Clan

Moj Moj keeps you on the cutting-edge of all things hot. Collect and play with your favourite Moj Moj! So soft, so cute… So Moj! With 95+ to collect and trade, collect them all!

We review Moj Moj earlier in the year here. You can see more about Moj Moj on their website and join in the fun!

Mummy H and Grace

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7 Thoughts to “Summer holiday play sorted with Moj Moj”

  1. Rosemary Tily

    Excellent play value and above all small enough to pop into your bag and reveal when the going gets tough!

  2. kris mc

    My daughter would love these, they look similar to Num Nums

  3. Helen Moulden

    Love Moj Moj, they work great as stress busters too!

  4. susan smith

    These are great for the little ones

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    We already love these – keep us entertained for hours

  6. Samantha O'D

    My girls would love these

  7. ashleigh allan

    I haven’t seen these before – they look great though!

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