Strawberries Growing Can’t Wait!

Our Garden is Coming Back to Life

We was doing some gardening over the weekend and so pleased to share this photo with you of one of our strawberry plants budding and flowering.

It makes us all excited at thinking about when they will be ripe in just a few weeks so we can eat them with fresh cream ice cream and all sorts of other yumminess.  Grace had a great time eating them last year when she had a Teddy Bears Picinic.

We are also growing hot chilli plants and tomatoes. We planted some sunflower seeds yesterday, If you remember we had some very tall flowers last year. In 2017 we even had a six headed sunflower plants, it was amazing!

We planted an apple tree a couple of years ago and that is budding up and looking like we might get flowers that hopefully will lead to some lovely crunchy apples.

Have you got anything budding or growing in your garden yet? Being up in the North East of England we are a few weeks later than those of you in the south.

Mummy H

Strawberry Plant Flowering May 2019 Family Clan

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16 Thoughts to “Strawberries Growing Can’t Wait!”

  1. Samantha O'D

    Nothing better than home grown strawberries

  2. A S,Edinburgh

    How beautiful. I hope you get a great crop this year; you can’t beat a bowl of fresh strawberries on a summer day.

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Mine aren’t flowering yet
    Still have them in the greenhouse undercover
    Might have to buy some ready

  4. Susan B

    It is good to grow edibles for and with children. I have fond memories of sitting in the garden picking strawberries and other fruit that dad had grown. Enjoy your produce!

  5. Alica

    How lovely to have home grown fruit! Sadly my garden is just too small.

  6. Susie Wilkinson

    My Dad’s strawberry plants are at a similar stage, I’ve already had my warning to leave them alone because he would like to eat one or two himself (so selfish!!))

  7. Chloe Taylor

    so lovely to grow your own fruit, enjoy when they are ripened, I’m sure you can make some delicious recipes x

  8. Peter Watson

    Strawberry flowers are so beautiful but not as good looking as a strawberry itself.

  9. Waterworth Fiona

    Nothing nicer than strawberries straight off the plant, and as a bonus next years plants are free

  10. debbieskerten

    I love home grown produce. We’ve had a lot on this year and haven’t gotten around to planting anything. Enjoy your strawberries when the ripe.

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