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I love socks, I love them in all different styles, fluffy to regular, ones with toes in, and without! So I was eager to try out the socks that Sock Shop asked me to review. Wow, I love them!

Storm Bloc Socks

Sock Shop Family Clan ReviewI was sent Storm Bloc – Blue Guard equestrian long cotton socks to review. They arrived and I was so pleasantly surprised at such good quality that got delivered. The equestrian socks, are absolutely perfect for me! They go right up the leg and fit brilliantly. I always seem to feel the cold, and after wrapping up in my scarf and gloves its my legs that always seem to feel cold, so having these socks underneath my jeans or leggings are absolutely perfect, tried and tested, they work and keep me warm I’m so glad I’ve discovered these

At £9.99 a pair, I have asked for a couple more pairs of these Sock Shop socks from Santa, as I love them. They are something that really benefit me as I feel the cold so easily!

There is a choice of 3 colours, black, navy or charcoal. They would also make perfect socks to wear with your wellies!

Made long in the leg for use with higher-fitting boots, such as riding boots, our ladies Storm Bloc with Blue Guard Long Cotton Socks use our engineered high strength anti-abrasion durability yarn to create the best wear and abrasion resistance rating possible, while maintaining all the comfort and protection features you’d want in an outdoor activity sock.

These cotton rich boot socks have been made with protective, shock-absorbing terry cushioning panels, woven arch supports, an extended heel and a reinforced toe seam. The design is very attractive, with an argyle diamond section at the top of each leg.

The socks’ Blue Guard engineering has been scientifically tested to make them an amazing 30 times more durable than a standard walking sock. So much so, that every pair of our ladies Storm Bloc with Blue Guard Long Cotton Socks comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Blue Guard SocksSock Shop Family Clan Review

We have also sent Blue Guard – The anti-abrasion durability socks to review. Daddy J is always wearing this type of socks but they don’t tend to last the year the ones we buy in the supermarket!

Blue Guard is unique in its ability to focus on the need for durability and comfort, with the fit ideal for walking boots, country boots or wellingtons. High-performance, anti-abrasion yarn used has been consistently tested for a variety of possible situations to improve the capability of the product. The result is a pair of socks that break the mould, achieving market leader status with the best sock abrasion resistance rating possible of 925,000 revs compared to competitors, that is 30x more durable than standard sock brands!
They’re scientifically proven to last an incredible 46 times longer as standard sports socks, and they’re lifetime guaranteed not to get holes.
Consider us converted knowing that they are going to last so much longer than a year, Daddy J says that these are so comfy and they wash so well to, they have came out as good as new!
These Blue Guard anti-abrasion durability socks are available in mens & ladies and a choice of navy or black.

Our Thoughts

Both socks would make great gifts for Christmas, not the normal pair of socks…These Sock Shop socks will last! Maybe it might leave you stuck on what to buy next year, but this year they would make an excellent choice of gift. Well it wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t get a pair of socks, now would it!
Mummy H  & Daddy J

12 Thoughts to “Storm Bloc & Blue Guard Socks from Sock Shop”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    They sound really good, I hadn’t thought of looking for special models of sock for hard wear. Thanks for the review!

  2. Paul Wilson

    Warmth and durability – those are my requirements for socks.

  3. Anneka Avery

    I always love getting new socks and like you I always feel the cold! It make my fibromyalgia worse too! I need to invest in a pair of these when I can! Thanks for another brilliant post introducing me to a brand I didn’t know about! 👍🏻😁

  4. bonniebonster

    I know it’s cliche but socks are always a good choice! My dad would be gutted if he didn’t get his yearly novelty Christmas socks from his grandchildren!

  5. bonniebonster

    I know its cliche but socks are always a good option! My dad would be gutted if he didn’t get his yearly novelty Christmas socks from his grandchildren!

  6. caroline tokes

    I love these socks looks like they will keep my feet warm in this weather

  7. William Gould

    I’ll have to get my wife to check them out as she prefers knee length socks in the winter, thanks!

  8. Paul Wilson

    I would like some of those.

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    Not sure dad could cope with more socks this year !
    My brothers would appreciate them
    Had some before and they do LAST

  10. Kayleigh Watkins

    I am like you and always feel the cold, they sound like fantastic socks, not sure I would pay £9.99 a pair though xx

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