Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket

Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket
Stickle Bricks Big Red Box Family Clan

The Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket is the perfect first construction toy for babies and toddlers. Stickle Bricks promote the development of dexterity and imagination in children.

Combining a variety of different coloured and shaped bricks, children can stick, stack and construct with the easy to assemble pieces that lock together any way they like! There’s no telling where new ideas can lead, dreaming up bigger and better creations you can all put together, take down and start over.

Easy – Push and the pieces lock together any way you like!
Inspired – Abstract shapes leave space for the imagination!
Tactile – Pick them up and your won’t want to put them down!
Durable – Classic construction, ready for the next generation!

Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket is aimed at children aged 18 months + this is a set that can be used again and again over the years as there is no end to imaginative play!

Stickle Bricks Big Red Box Family Clan
Grace making a car with her as the driver and Jake as the passenger

Grace age 3 and Jake age 6, both thoroughly enjoy building and creating using anything, so when they seen this box arrive they were thoroughly excited! Instantly Jake said he wanted to make a space rocket after seeing the advert on the TV for Stickle Bricks. He also made this podium for his Thomas the Tank Engine trains after they completed a race around his track.

Stickle Bricks Big Red Box Family Clan
Jake’s construction of a podium for his trains after winning a race.

Our Thoughts

The box is a good size, with a simple removable lid which is easy for a young child to use.  All the parts are as you would expect from Stickle Bricks they are the same great quality from when I used to play with Stickle Bricks as a child!

We really have enjoyed reviewing Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket and give it a big thumbs up. It now seems to be permanently in the toy corner and opened every day. This would make a lovely present. If you are struggling what to buy for a special occasion the look no further.

I can also assure you that adults love to play with these too. Well I had to test them!

Where to Buy

We was sent these from Flair, but they can be purchased from Amazon and all good toy retailers.

Mummy H, Jake and Grace

We was sent this item to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

5 Thoughts to “Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket”

  1. Kayleigh Watkins

    I used to love playing with this in school when I was younger, my children would love some xxx

  2. Samantha O'D

    I used to love these as a kid, great to see the coming back

  3. MARGARET gallagher

    Bought some for my nephew (maybe I bought them for myself really -bit of nostalgia)

  4. s powell

    Great toy for imagination

  5. MARGARET gallagher

    Ive had something similar in the past
    They are great fun

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