Start your Summer with Little Tikes – Sizzle n’ Serve Grill review

Brits Name First Week of June as Start of Summer

BBQs, the sound of kids playing outdoors and the first spray tan are the first key signs of the UK’s favourite season, SUMMER!

It’s was the hottest May in decades but despite the record-breaking temperatures Brits don’t consider it to be really summer – the UK’s favourite season – June!

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The survey of over 2000 people carried out by Little Tikes found that despite the official start of summer being the Solstice on 21st June, the majority of UK residents (over a quarter) class the first week of June as the start of the holiday season.  In fact, just one in ten thought the start of summer was the Solstice week and some thought it wasn’t really summertime until the schools break up for holidays.

With over 63% of Brits stating that summer is their favourite season, perhaps more surprising is that less than a quarter (23%) said that warm weather heralded the start of the season for them.

For one in ten Brits, summer officially starts with the smell of cut grass, whilst for others, it is the smell of the well-loved BBQ, the sound of children playing outdoors, the first spray tan of the year or even, the Queen’s Birthday.  An unlucky 3% of Brits know it’s summer when their Hayfever symptoms kick in and the same number believe the season starts when they book their official summer holiday.

We love spending time outdoors any time of the year, but summer is a time for the BBQ, paddling pool and super soakers. The kids play for hours in the garden with their toys of all sizes. We love going to the local parks for picnics, meeting up with their friends and I get a chance to talk with my friends without freezing at the school gates. We often sit outside on an evening when Jake and Grace are in bed, enjoying the peace and quiet, maybe with the chimera lit if it goes a bit cool. I love those kind of days and we’ve enjoyed quite a few lately.

Almost half of those asked didn’t feel they spend enough time outdoors during the summer months and would like change it.

Michelle Lilley, Head of Marketing for Little Tikes: “It’s no surprise that Summer is the favourite season for us Brits – especially with the weather we’ve had this May. There’s nothing better than getting outdoors with all the family and being able to have fun together in the sunshine and that’s something that Little Tikes celebrates.”

This summer, Little Tikes is calling on all Brits to make the most of the season by spending time together outdoors. The brand offers a full range of outdoor play products – from playhouses, sandboxes and water tables to the iconic Cozy Coupe. It also launched the new Fun Zone range this season – which features toys like Splash Face, Dual Twister, Tumblin’ Tower and Drop Zone – which can be used indoors or outdoors with a water-play twist!

Fun Zone Dual Twister Little Tikes Fun Zone Drop

I absolutely love Little Tikes, its a brand in time I have know to trust knowing that their products are sturdy and hard wearing for kids that are always on the go and exploring. We have the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Kitchen and it is used all the time and still as good as it was when we got it.

Little Tikes offer such a various amount of toys suited up to age 8 years old. We love the look of the play houses and also the water tables, I think that they are a great way of keeping children cooler in the hot weather without them knowing.

Little Tikes Sizzle ‘n Serve Grill

The Little Tikes Sizzle ‘n Serve Grill would be a perfect addition to your house or garden this July/August. The weather is just getting better isn’t it!

We have been sent this Little Tikes Sizzle ‘n Serve Grill to review, Grace was eager to get this un-boxed when she seen it. So we had this straight out this lovely sunny day.

Little Tikes Sizzle 'n Serve Grill review by Family Clan

The Little Tikes Sizzle ‘n Serve Grill was actually really easy to put together, no screws needed, which is a bonus! Everything just slots into place and at the same great quality you expect from Little Tikes.

Little Tikes Sizzle 'n Serve Grill review by Family Clan

I inserted the poles into the base just using a drop of washing up liquid as instructed onto each one to let it slide into place smoothly.

The same for adding the grill on top, very easy process, up in about five minutes, and ready to play!

Little Tikes Sizzle 'n Serve Grill review by Family Clan

This Grill has not been left alone since it has been out of the box. The amount of burgers I have been given by Grace, she will be the top BBQ chef in no time!

Little Tikes Sizzle 'n Serve Grill review by Family Clan

The Little Tikes Sizzle ‘n Serve Grill comes with 2 hot dogs, 2 burgers, buns and mustard and tomato sauce and two utensils needed to flip and turn your food!

The grill also features a knob to allow your child to pretend to turn the heat up and down which clicks as you turn, Grace found this very useful to turn her food down as she took a toilet trip so she didn’t burn her food! The grill also has two wheels allowing easy movement.

Little Tikes Sizzle 'n Serve Grill review by Family Clan

Grace has been hard at work making food for all the family, we are having a BBQ at the weekend and she has already told me that she will make everyone burgers and hot dogs.

Our Thoughts

I really like the Little Tikes Sizzle ‘n Serve Grill. It is so alike to a real BBQ with the attention to detail being paid to each part. It is the same great quality to other Little Tikes products we have previously owned. Grace has been playing with this for hours, she is already a keen cook, but this has just give her the opportunity to play at her own free will and her mind just explores!

You can see the wide range of products available on theLittle Tikes website.

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