Sports Day 2019 for Jake and Grace

Sports Day 2019

Over the last two days we have had sports day for Grace and Jake!

They had been waiting for this for ages, and in the run up, they were both poorly last week having day off from school each, and if you know me you know my kids are never off school! Always keeping their 100% attendance is a must. But nope they both took it in turns to be poorly last week.

Sports Day for 2019

Starting the new week as a fresh, Grace had a brilliant sports day yesterday, she did really well and thumbs up each race she did. Running, skipping and running with ring shaped objects on her head.

Sports Day for Jake 2019

Jake ran in his sports day today he did a fabulous job too!

There was many more obstacles in his sports day, bean bags, hula hoops, hurdles, curved bars they had to go underneath. Running, skipping ropes and egg & spoon race.

Proud Mum

Neither being first across the finish line (mainly because they missed the whistle! Oops), but I have always let them know taking part is what counts, they were both super chuffed with their effort.

I’m pretty sure sports day has been brought forward what seems to be a whole month earlier, but probably not a bad idea as it always seems to be rained off so having to be postponed. We had brilliant weather for them both!

An incredibly proud – Mummy H

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10 Thoughts to “Sports Day 2019 for Jake and Grace”

  1. fionajk42

    I’m glad you all had fun. My daughter always struggled on Sports Days because she was inevitably one of the youngest and smallest in her year, so never did well, but my son was naturally sporty and loved sports day.

  2. Alica

    I always loved sports day when my 2 were little, looks like you all had a good day!

  3. Peter Watson

    I can see a great time was had by all at the Sports’ day.

  4. Rich Tyler

    Love a summers day sports day

  5. A S,Edinburgh

    Well done them! That looks like great fun.

  6. Chloe Taylor

    Great sports activities – glad they enjoyed themselves! Sports day was the best when I was at school. We were always rewarded with an ice lolly at the end!

  7. James Travis

    Looks like they both had fun

  8. Laura Wheatley

    Well done Jake and Grace 🙂 we have not had any yet, usually around june/July time. It will be my eldest daughters first Sports Day at Secondary School (she won’t be impressed though she absolutely HATES them). My youngest still loves them.

  9. debbieskerten

    Looks like great fun all round. Well done Jake and Grace. You did fantastic.

  10. Margaret Gallagher

    What a joy – haven’t had ours yet – Jake and grace look so proud

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