Spinning Challenges with the New i-TOP

Spinning Challenges with i-TOP

Goodbye fidgit spinners, say hello to i-TOP!

i-TOP is the new generation of spinners that are equipped with electronic gyroscope, digital counter laps and LEDs that are ultra bright you are in for such a treat with these!

My first thoughts of the i-TOP is that is very well made and is such a great little device to take out and about. Yes it has the spinning top, but that cleverly folds into itself underneath as does the top, which makes them the perfect compact size to fit in your pocket and is such a perfect travel game.
The i-TOP is available in various colours such as blue, red, orange, purple and green.

i-TOP review by Family Clan

My highest score is currently 494 spins, I love the challenge, having to try and beat your own personal score, trying it on different surfaces to try and get the better result.

I can’t quite beat 494 spins but Jake is determined to beat me, he is up to 340, which is pretty impressive. We have challenged each other, battled each other and had some great fun, away from modern day technology, and before we knew it we had spent over an hour playing!

i-TOP review by Family Clan

i-TOP Challenges

The i-TOP has multiple games and amazing light effects. Who will defeat the record of laps? With 3 main play modes including – Top Score, 99 Spin Challenge and a Compass mode.

Top Score – As the i-TOP spins it counts each spin, and you can see the total adding up with each full spin it does. When you continue to your next spin, the i-top presents the ‘last score’ on, followed by ‘highest score’ for you to try and beat!
i-TOP review by Family Clan

99 Spin Challenge – try to stop your i-TOP on 99 spins! if you succeed, you unlock a secret animation you win a star that will proudly display each throw. Pass the challenge 99 several times in a row to increase your number of stars

Compass mode – never lose the North. There are many hidden secret modes! It’s up to you to find them
Here is one: throw his spinning top successively over 30 laps! Unbelievable, you’ll have unlocked the compass mode that shows you north, south, east and west … useful never to get lost again!

The clever i-TOP also comes with unlockable hidden combinations to see special animations appear you will need to spin exact numbers such as 214 to reveal Cupid, 314 to see Pi and 333 to reveal Diamonds and many more!

You can reset the i-TOP underneath if you are wanting to start your high score again for a different day. 

Our Thoughts

We really like the i-TOP spinners, they are so much fun and the entertainment lasts with each play. It is great to try and challenge your own score and each others too! The i-TOP come in a variety of 6 colours so everyone in the family can have their own!
RRP £14.99 and available from all good retailers and Character Online.

Mummy H and Jake

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6 Thoughts to “Spinning Challenges with the New i-TOP”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    We have some of these and the boys still love them – great as stocking fillers

  2. Ashleigh Allan

    These look really cool. My son would love them

  3. sarahjane24carter

    this looks so much fun I think I will get one for my step children x

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Be careful they are addictive like the fidgit spinners. Had updates all yesterday from Jake & Grace. But I can’t wait to have a go myself! xx

  4. Samantha O'D

    These look fun

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Looks fab – sure the boys will enjoy them too

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