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New CALADO Silent MouseSpeedlink Silent Click Computer Mouse - Family Clan Review

This wireless CALADO Silent Mouse with advanced button technology effectively eliminates the noise you make when using the mouse: clicks are almost silent and those around you will no longer feel disturbed as it’s up to 90% quieter than a standard mouse.
Thanks to its nice and compact shape combined with its premium, non-slip rubber coating, the CALADO Silent Mouse is designed to fit the shape of your right hand perfectly. What’s more, the high sensor resolution for total precision and robust wireless technology and it’s robust wireless technology offers you up to 8m of wireless freedom.

I really like the design of this mouse, it fits perfectly in my hand and whats more the Speedlink Calado Silent Mouse also has maximum battery life as it has a power-saving mode. The mouse requires 2 x AAA batteries which come included.

Also included are instructions for you to refer to if needed, they display clearly the set up for you to follow for first time use.

Speedlink Silent Click Computer Mouse - Family Clan Review

Using the Calado Silent Mouse for the first time

Insert Batteries the 2 triple A batteries. Plug the receiver into USB port to your PC/Laptop.
You can select the mouse sensor sensitivity using the DPI switch, there are 3 sensitivity levels high/medium/low.

If the mouse has not been used for 10 minutes, it will switch itself over to power-saving mode, simply press any mouse button to reactivate,

I like that you can put the USB received into the base of the mouse when you are not using it, which will be great for my laptop when I am putting it away in the bag.

Available for £19.99 you can view the product on the Speedlink site


Speedlink also offer a wide range of other products on their website


This category offers you a wide range of gaming accessories:-
For consoles such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft
For PC gaming such as mice, mouse pads, keyboards, microphones, headsets, gamepads, joysticks, racing wheels and other accessories and also has a selection of Gaming Chairs

Computer and Office

This category offers you a wide range of computer and office accessories

For PC Accessories such as mice, keyboardsm desksets, presenter, mouse pads, microphones, headsets, speakers, cables & adapters, hubs & card reader, sound cards, cleaning & care and other accessories.

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Other products available:-

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Cables & Adapters such as audio/video, network, USB, USB type-C and power.

Ergonomics & Organisation such as ergonomics and desk organisation.

Go Pro – accessories.

Smart Phone – holder & stands.

Home Security Kits.

As you can see they pretty much cover everything their products would make a great gift!

You can view the Speedlink website here and see the wide range of products available

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10 Thoughts to “Speedlink – Calado Silent Mouse”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    I got my nephew one of these he thinks it’s cool too

  2. Paul Wilson

    I’ve had some nice Speedlink accessories in the past.

  3. bonniebonster

    This is different, I was complaining the other day about my mouse because it’s started to squeak when i use the roll wheel in the middle and the noise is driving me mad, I’d love a quiet one!

  4. A S,Edinburgh

    That looks good, I really like the shape of it, it looks very comfortable to use.

  5. Sidrah Ahmed

    Looks lovely

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    Sounds perfect
    Great review

  7. ashleigh allan

    Sounds like a really good mouse. I hate using my laptop one!

  8. michu

    Interesting offer, thanks.

  9. Kayleigh Watkins

    What a fantastic review and product, my laptop mouse drives me mad clicking and not registering movement this may be the perfect solution xXx

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