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I have recently upgraded my phone to the new Huawei P30, and as you may well know the feeling of holding a brand new phone, you can be very scared of ever dropping it when it is ever so preciously new!

I previously had a Speck phone case for my Samsung S8+ which really was worth its weight in gold, the amount of times I dropped my phone, the case had protected it and it’s still as good as new so now my husband has my old phone whilst I have now upgraded.

When Speck asked if I would be happy to review their new Huawei phone cases I really couldn’t say no, I really jumped at the chance for this full protection for my new phone.


Speck makes products that are designed for impact for protect the tech you rely on. With a balance of slim lines and drop-tested protection, they provide a difference you can see and feel.

Their cases are also engineered to defend against impact and shock, using multi-layer construction and high-tech materials that deliver a sleek profile and optimum protection.

Speck’s cases offer protection for the technology that we use and pretty much rely on everyday such as smartphone, tablet and laptop. With their engineers carefully designing each case to work with the innovative designs of today’s top tech gadgets, so that they offer superior protections without interfering with their features.

They have Grab Tabs suited for all smart phones, in many different designs.

Speck Mobile Phone Cellphone Grab Tab designs poster
Smart, innovative designs is paramount at Speck. Every detail on a Speck case is the result of a thoughtful design choice to allow for the slimmest and best protection.


Up until recently I have always been known to be the one with the broken screen, and no case. Many of times being told to to put a protective case on, but the full cases just never appealed to me, I just liked to have my phone slim and easy to pop in my pocket and not be bulky. Speck offers this service with their cases which makes them perfect for me!

I have been sent the range of Speck’s NEW Huawei P30 cases for me to review, and from the off, I was very impressed with the high quality.

The P30 ranges comes in Gemshell & Presidio Stay Clear.

Their PRESIDIO STAY CLEAR is for the Huawei P30 & P30 Pro which offer slim cases that stay clearly beautiful longer. Their high-tech coating resists UV rays, oils, and other substances to help prevent discoloration. A patented two-layer design absorbs and disperses shock on impact.
Engineered to withstand drops of up to 8 feet, these cases have been tested by third-party laboratories to ensure superior protection. A raised bezel helps to protect your screen from scratching and shattering if your phone falls face-down.

Also the GEMSHELL is suited for the P30 Lite, it is a sleek case with a clear back and dual-layer perimeter to protect against impact and absorb shock. A raised bezel helps to protect your screen from scratching and shattering if your phone falls face-down. This case allows for wireless charging and has been tested to meet MIL-SPEC drop standards.

Both Cases Feature

Raised Bezel Screen Protection

Gives phone screen extra protection from scratching and shattering if your phone falls and lands face-down.

Allows for Wireless Charging

Designed to allow for Qi wireless charging.

Thoroughly Tested for Durability

Speck® cases are independently lab-tested for multiple real-life situations, including extreme drops and temperatures, chemicals, antenna interference, cracks and abrasions, device bending, and more.

Lifetime Warranty

Speck® backs each Presidio® STAY CLEAR case with a lifetime warranty.

Our Thoughts

I really like the Speck PRESIDIO CLEAR Huawei P30 phone case, it is smooth and looks very stylish and doesn’t have that ‘bulky’ feel about it that some cases do. You can see the whole range on the Speck website.

The phone case fits very snug to my phone and protects it very well, I like this very much. With some cases in the past, I find they make my side buttons harder to press, but this was not the case with the PRESIDIO CLEAR, the buttons were as easy to press than without a case on, its very light weight on my hand and a phone case I would totally recommend if you were looking for something with a lot more protection.

Mummy E

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9 Thoughts to “Speck phone cases for Huawei”

  1. fionajk42

    These sound like good cases. My phone is in a case, but unfortunately the case did not stop my screen from getting cracked when I dropped my phone.

  2. Susie Wilkinson

    I love these sort of cases, they offer great protection without being bulky.

  3. MrsCarol Thomas

    I was like you until I accidentally smashed my phone 2 days before I went on holiday a few years ago. I had to take out a second contract to have a phone to go away with. Thats how I found out covers aren’t a scam to get more money out of you. They are advocated for a reason. I always use a cover now

  4. Charles Fletcher

    These look like good cases.

  5. Susan B

    Thanks for the helpful review. It is surprisingly easy to drop phones!

  6. A S,Edinburgh

    They sound marvellous. A robust phone case is such a good investment.

  7. Laura Wheatley

    these look great, im ALWAYS dropping my phone so i’m not allowed an expensive one haha

  8. Alice Colling

    Wow these cases look good!

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    Had my case for well over a year – they certainly make them to last

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