SONY Clear Sound Headphones Giveaway

Sony Clear Sound Headphones in Green

The last giveaway we ran for a pair of SONY headphones was well received, so we have decided to offer you a similar pair in green for those that missed out.

So this giveaway is for a pair of Sony Clear Sound Stereo Headphone in green with the distinctive white wiring.

Sony Clear Sound Headphones Family Clan Blog

They will work perfectly with your Sony MP3, IPOD, Walkman, plus lots more items.  They have a great sound quality, I know as I own & regularly use a similar pair in pink. Music sounds great through them.

The cable cord is durable & lightweight, measuring 1.2 metres long, so plenty long enough to reach from your ears to your music equipment. I always find it a nuisance when you have your headphones on & they don’t reach to you jeans or shorts pocket.  The jack measures 13.5 mm.

Sony Headphones

These in ear headphone have a high power neodymium magnet which is capable of reproducing rich and powerful bass sound, making you music clear & true to sound. I love mine & use them regularly.

These stereo headphone retail at Amazon for £16.27, Sony E9LP In-ear type headphones,
but you could win them for free by entering our giveaway.

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You can do as many tasks as you would like once you have completed the mandatory comment. It’s up to you, but the more tasks you do the more chances you have to win.

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Good luck, Nanna Jane. x

We purchased these headphones for this giveaway

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269 Thoughts to “SONY Clear Sound Headphones Giveaway”

  1. Philip Underwood

    Hawkwind CD, because I always went to their gigs.

  2. Lisa Mauchline

    It was Reet Petite by Jackie Wilson record. I love the song and I’ve still got the record

  3. Chris Fletcher

    Mine was the Stonk by Hale & Pace, it was truly awful! Was a charity record for Red Nose Day and I still have it!

  4. ellie spider

    Stupid Cupid – got it on a record at jumble sale and drove my sister mad playing it on her record player

  5. Keshia Esgate

    A casette of Boyzone – Different Beat! My cousin got me into Boyzone! 😀

  6. Michelle lintern

    Misplaced childhood by marillion because I missed listening to thrm

  7. Kim Tanner-Hill

    It was the grease sound track on vinyl it was from the school fete. I remember I t was primary school but cant remember my age.

  8. Tishist

    A Blondie album as I love their music

  9. Claire Ward

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles single for the original movie I loved that song

  10. Lynne OConnor

    David Cassidy – Puppy Love was the first I bought for myself. I picked it up second hand at a school fete for 10p, mainly for the gorgeous picture of David on the sleeve

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