Giveaway: 48L Dual Use Recycling Pedal Bin

Songmics Dual Use Recycle Pedal Bin by Family Clan

Large Pedal Bin 48 Litre 

Songmics are a top 50 seller on Amazon and is one of the best selling brand in home organizing products. They have
items such as storage bench, jewelry organizer, toy storage for kids etc. Here is a link to their Amazon store. We have received a Songmics Large Pedal Bin 48 Litre to review. The box arrived very fast on dispatch and the contents of the box was secured with polystyrene and in a large plastic bag to avoid any nasty scratches in transit and it arrived in perfect condition.
Songmics Dual Use Recycle Pedal Bin by Family ClanSongmics Dual Use Recycle Pedal Bin by Family ClanSongmics Dual Use Recycle Pedal Bin by Family Clan
I removed the dual use bin from the box.
The bin has two compartments which we have chose to use for recycling and general waste. Each compartment has a handle, you simply pull the handle, then you can fully remove each tub to empty, or simply do this to insert bag. With them being fully removable it makes them super easy to take out for cleaning too.
Songmics Dual Use Recycle Pedal Bin by Family Clan
Once the bin is removed from its packaging it is more or less ready for instant use. All you need to do is add your bag in, you simply put it in as a normal bin.

About the Bin

The dual-use bin is in a sleek, stylish Stainless steel and black with easy pedal action to open the lids for input. It has a volume about 48 L (2 x 24 L) and measures approximately 57.5 x 33 x 59 cm or 22½ x 13 x 23¼ inches. The lids are fully closing so keep any nasty smells safe in side the bin.

The pedal bin is stain resistant and with easy to clean surface.

I have found it so easy to use even in the week I have had it. Jake and Grace love helping to put recycling in the pedal bin, they think it’s funny that the lid pops up. We have only had a swing bin until this so it is all new to them and great fun at the minute. They race to me when I shout them to put something in it.

There is FREE delivery on this item so you save even more. There is even a Songmics pedal bin with three sections which would be great in larger kitchens or even for use in restaurants.

We recently reviewed the Songmics Toy Storage Unit and Bookshelf, we love it for keeping all of Jake’s trains together.

Mummy H.


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434 Thoughts to “Giveaway: 48L Dual Use Recycling Pedal Bin”

  1. hannah igoe

    I love getting the kids to help recycling, they are really good at coming up with new uses for things that I never even considered. We also try and seperate anything out to keep that can be used again.

  2. shazabella40

    take the lid of bottles and crush them down,it makes more room in your bins

  3. Chrissy Harris

    We do try to buy items with less packaging – like single bananas rather than bagged etc and we try to reuse bottles and jars

  4. Lee Henstridge

    We always recycle and can easily fill a large wheelie bin over 2 weeks so I’m going to invest in a can/bottle crusher!

  5. Joe Smith

    Top tips are to try and reduce and reuse as well as recycle

  6. lynn savage

    We re-use as much as possible , yogurt pots for seedlings, shredded toilet rolls on the compost, all sorts of things for art projects, paper cut up to make little notepads to put by the phone.

  7. Keri Jones

    Keep bottles, tubes and other reuseable things for crafting x

  8. Jacqui Graham

    I will recycle more, and start to include the plastic yogurt pots which I currently throw out, and the tin foil from takeaways and packed lunches

  9. Beth Owen

    Mine is to reuse them as kids crafts or give them to a local school/nursery.
    If not, and you are looking to keep on top of the recycling, make sure to put them in the receycling bin right away.

  10. katie smith

    Use plastic tubs for gardening, storage and kids crafts.

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