Giveaway: Solar Buddies – No Mess Sun Cream Applicator

Solar Buddies - No Mess Sun Cream Applicator Family Clan

Solar Buddies – No Mess Sun Cream Applicator

Solar Buddies, the child friendly, mess-free sunscreen applicator was invented by two Welsh mums. Kelli Aspland and Laura Griffin, who between them have seven children, devised the Solar Buddies after expressing concerns about how their children were protecting themselves against the sun during school hours. They also knew that some schools had “no touch” policies and wanted to come up with a solution to allow children to apply sunscreen independently, and so Solar Buddies were born.

Simply unscrew the top of the Solar Buddies Sunscreen Applicator and fill with your preferred sun cream, screw it back on and your set to go. Your child will then be able to apply sun cream by them self without making a mess!

The Solar Buddies applicators are unique because they have been designed specifically for use by children! The shape of the bottle is chunky so it is easier for children to grip; the roller ball controls the flow of the lotion that is stored in the head of the applicator, whilst the sponge helps children to rub the lotion in. The bottle is refillable so parents can choose a product most suitable for their child. There is also even a space on the back of the bottle where you are able to write your child’s name so the bottles won’t get mixed up with other children’s!Solar Buddies - No Mess Sun Cream Applicator Family Clan

Solar Buddies - No Mess Sun Cream Applicator Family ClanJake who is 7, and Grace 4, found the Solar Buddies applicator really easy to use and this has been such a great help for a very independent Grace who wants to do everything ‘all by herself’. The ball allows the sun cream to come out and the foam around the sides helps to spread it across as you go and as you need a slight push down to roll the ball and the black foam then spreads the sun screen across your child’s skin so they don’t need to. It is really clever and so simple! As all the best ideas are.

Where can I Buy?

You can purchase Solar Buddies applicator from their website for £8.99 and a new pink or blue version will be released next month!

This is a must have we pack on our days out now, I love that it isn’t to big and will easily just pop into my bag before we go out.

The Solar Buddy product has won numerous awards and received great feedback from customers – as well as making sure your little one is safe in the sun, the Solar Buddy allows you apply sunscreen without getting in a mess – a feature that is loved by mums across the UK, and further afield

I really can’t recommend this innovative product enough. Kelli and Laura clearly understand children and the need to keep them safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Mummy H and Grace


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