So Sand DIY Review

So Sand DIY

Make your own unique sand creations sand with this So Sand DIY Satisfying Sand Case. 

Grace has always loved crafting, and no surprise when it comes to sand she just loves to make a mess. So when we was asked to review the SO Sand DIY vanity case she really couldn’t wait to get started.

With the new So Sand DIY you can create, shape, slice, crush, squish and so much more!

What’s great to see, is everything comes in the vanity box. You can open and get started straight away.

So Sand DIY Review

With tools included, you just follow the simple instructions to get started. So we did!

Using one of the three included white sand, you open and then choose your colour you want your sand to be yellow, pink or teal.

Grace chose to start with yellow.

So Sand DIY Review

We opened the white sand, and then poured the yellow colour on and kneaded these together to create the white sand to be all yellow.

Continuing doing this with the remaining two colours. Grace found this so therapeutic, she just sat and played for ages, completely silent enjoying the combining of materials.

So Sand DIY Review

After we did this, you also have a choice of three extras to add in sparkles.

So Sand DIY Review

Grace chose to mix the three onto each colour sand creating very beautiful concoctions. Well she is a sparkle Princess after all.

So Sand DIY Review

Then she kneaded them again to mix in all the sparkles.

Looking fabulous!

So Sand DIY Review

Now our sand was made, we can choose the additional accessories to create fun coloured sand.

Creating cakes So Sand DIY

Grace chose to make ‘a cake’, so we used the sand and started to place it within the rectangle shaped moulding accessory.

So Sand DIY Review by Family Clan

Pushing it down as she placed it, then added the following colour until it was layered.

So Sand DIY Review by Family Clan

Now we used the cutting accessory. Using it to slice down between each segment to make our cakes.

So Sand DIY Review by Family Clan

This glided so smoothly down each groove. Grace couldn’t wait to see how this would turn out!

I don’t know about you but this reminds me so much of yummy cake, and Grace said the same too.

So Sand DIY Review by Family Clan
With so many other designs too, you really can have so many hours of fun!

So Sand DIY Review by Family Clan

The tool case base is also a play tray with separate compartments to keep your sand. There is hours of relaxing ASMR fun that can be neatly packed away in the case when you have finished with playing.

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You can find So Sand DIY on Amazon Website.

Mummy H and Grace


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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Actually love these myself – not only kids to have fun

  2. ashleigh allan

    This is so cool, looks lots of fun and nice colours!

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