Skates can take you on your next trip! Family Clan Review Chilli Orange Pro Scooter

Frenzy Scooter from Skates has been at the forefront of the scooter and skate market since it’s launch in 2007. After the massive success of their Heelys website, Flywalk, this family-run business exploded on the scootering scene, bringing all the best scooters, for extreme and recreational use, to the public.

Frenzy Scooter Review by Family Clan

We have been asked to review the Frenzy Scooter which is available at Jake has a scooter and I would love to go on a ride with him whilst he practices stunts on his scooter whilst I can keep up with him on my new Frenzy Scooter.

The scooter arrived very quickly by courier, all contents secured in its box and everything in its place!

I took the Frenzy Scooter out of its box, after reading the instructions, it was very clear and simple what I had to do. The scooter arrives folded up, so to release I pulled the lock mechanism upwards which released the scooter until it would slip into the right position and securely into place.Frenzy Scooter Review by Family Clan

Next I inserted the handlebars into the T-section of the handle bar securing into place with the lock button.

Then I needed to adjust the height of the handle bars to suit my height. I released the clamp on the front which allowed me to easily do this, I pulled the handlebars up and then pushed the clamp back into position securing the handle bars back into place.

The tyres on this scooter were inflated to 50% for transport conditions. So I simply inflate the tires by removing the valve and following the instructions on the leaflet supplied with your scooter.

This Frenzy Scooter also features its own kick stand for you to erect when not in use.

Frenzy Scooter Review by Family Clan

Before for first time use

It is important to check the the brake function properly.
Check the handlebars are secured tightly.
Double check that the wheels are secured but roll without resistance.

That’s it, your ready to go!

The instructions were very clear and simple to understand, and they also had clear maintenance instructions to let you know how to maintain your scooter.

I really love the bigger wheels on this scooter, making it seem more ‘adult’ and it is very suited to me to use daily to get to work, and it will last many years to come as it is a very well built scooter that I just can’t fault.

Frenzy Scooter Review by Family Clan

The Frenzy Scooter features great grip on the handles, lovely black smooth finish and whats more, you can use this for work too as it can simply be folded down and has a strap attached so you are able to carry it when not in use.

Frenzy Scooter Review by Family Clan

So far the furthest I have used my Frenzy Scooter is to go to the nearest shopping centre which is about 30 minutes away to pick up a few bits. I have even been the trendy mum on the school run whilst me and Jake race home on our scooters.

It is also a very smooth ride and still like new from when I first received it. deliver free in the UK and next working day for orders over £40 if ordered before 5pm weekdays, plus all orders will get free stickers. also offer a price match service and will match any retailer!

Our Thoughts

The Frenzy Pneumatic Scooter is Frenzy’s new recreational scooter with pneumatic tyres, providing super smooth riding with an old school feel. Still every bit as foldable as the rest of the Frenzy range here, making it great for commuting and travelling. They even have a younger children range of Frenzy 3 wheel scooters available too and Grace has seen the one in pink!

You can even choose from many other different scooters on the website you can be sure to find a scooter which is perfect for you.

If you are still unsure, you also have the option to choose ‘scooter builder’ on their website, which will give you the option to build your own custom scooter. I, of course have had a peek at this option, it is full of a wide range of choices to choose from to create perfect scooter for yourself!
Selecting the pieces you would like, and going through step by step to eventually build your customised scooter, the options are endless for the specifications that you could choose from. You can also narrow the options down using categories per step which could help if you have an idea what you are looking for, or simply view all to see the collection.

Also if you are stuck or unsure, there is a live web chat option on the website to answer any questions. Family Clan Review Chilli Orange Pro Scooter Frenzy

The rest of the range don’t just sell scooters – they also have a brilliant range of inline skates, aggressive skates, roller skates, retro quad roller skates, Heelys, ice skates, mini BMX, longboards, balance boards & Swegways, clothing, skateboards, all-terrain skates and of course the safety protection.

They also sell parts, so don’t forget when you need new wheels or bearings which I’m sure I won’t forget!


Heelys are just like trainers but they have wheels in their heel, allowing a wearer to walk, run or roll, by shifting their weight to their heel. Heelys provide a huge amount of fun and can even be turned into normal shoes by removing the wheels.

One wheel Heelys are made for children who’s sense ofHeelys Family Clan Review Chilli Orange Pro Scooter Frenzy balance is good and can pick up how to do balance sports or activities like riding a bike quickly. Two wheel Heelys Shoes are intended for younger children looking to get the hang of Heelys at a younger age, or those with a poorer sense of balance. The great idea of two wheel Heelys are that the 2nd extra wheel can also be removed at a later date once your child gets the hang of Heelys more!

Heelys start from size UK Junior 11 which is approx age 5+ and go up to adult size 8 shoe. The website is very clear to understand, after pressing the Heelys tab, you can view all the Heelys, if you wish to filter this option down, you can choose from 1 or 2 wheels and also boys/girls category.
There are so many different designs to choose from, which I’m sure will make it hard to choose from, spoilt for choice! Jake likes the idea of Heelys but his feet have grown up 3 sizes in a year so hopefully they slow down soon so I can order him some as they are on his Christmas List already! We particularly like the ones in the image here.

You will be sure to find something of interest to suit as there is something for everyone!


The clothing range that is also sold online is also quite broad range, they have hats & caps, stance socks, wristbands, tshirts, hoodies, headphones, shorts, leggings, bags & backpacks. They really do seem to have everything you need in one place and can all be placed within the same order.

So what will you choose from their site?

Mummy H

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5 Thoughts to “Skates can take you on your next trip!”

  1. bonniebonster

    Both my kids are getting scooters this year, I think Heeleys would get on my nerves… I know they would try and use them indoors!

  2. Paul Wilson

    Looks pretty neat.

  3. Kayleigh Watkins

    My Connor would love the scooter and Megan would love the heeleys although I’d be worried she would end up hurting herself xxx

  4. A S,Edinburgh

    I love the sound of these. Scooters have really taken off lately and I can see why; they must be really helpful for those travelling any distance on foot or for people who struggle with fatigue when out and about. Thanks for the review.

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Frenzy pneumatic wheel scooter would be top choice bet it’s an ace ride
    The nephews would love them

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