Sip ‘n Sound Farmyard Animal Straws

Sip ‘n Sound Farmyard Animal Straws


The amazing sound effect straw!

Bring the farmyard indoors with the new Sip ‘n Sound Straws! These cute straws liven up meal times with life like animal noises.

The reusable straws burst into life with sound as liquid passes through them. Children aged 3 and above can choose from four different animals.

Fluffy sheep,
Mootastic cow,
Pig that’s clearly had to much fun in the mud,
Horse chomping on his lunchtime carrot.

Jake and Grace absolutely love these straws! Letting them select which animal they would like to choose from the selection of 4 Grace chose the pig and Jake chose the horse. You simply flick the button turning the straw on, when your child drinks through the straw the liquid activates the noise. Jake and Grace were both giggling as they were using the straws to the noise that they were making.

Each straw uses batteries (included) making the hours of fun endless and after snack time children can remove the animal from the straw for continued play and simply just wash the straw when finished.

These would make a fun addition to children’s parties, where kids can create their own snack time tune with friends and they are also great for big kids too!
Sip 'n Sound Farmyard Animal straws Family Clan

Jake says his favourite thing about the Sip ‘n Sound straws is that ‘it makes a sound and it is so cool’ He went back for his third helping of milk and I had to limit him at that because it was nearly bed time!

Grace’s favorite part about the straws are the animals. She was really happy that she can could choose a pig, as she loves them!
When we had friends to visit with their children all four of the straws were in use and the room was very tuneful!

I love the idea that you can also take the animal off the straw and use it as a toy. There is a button on the animal which can be pressed to make that animal noise too. Which means the fun still continues when your not drinking through the straw!

The Sip ‘n Sound straws is a great way to encourage kids to drink healthier drinks, making it a brilliant tool for summer months. As if all this wasn’t enough, dentists say there are health benefits to drinking through a straw too! These include stain protection, reduced exposure to fizzy drinks that could cause cavities and even protection against sensitivity!

The straws are aimed at ages 3+ and we have had so much fun as a family using them! The animals are great quality, and the straws are hard plastic so will last a long time. Although the animals can slide on and off the straws, after being removed/replaced several times already there are no signs of them becoming ‘looser fitting’ for the animal to fall, it stays very sturdily in its place.

What’s more, the incredible pocket money price point of £5.99 makes collecting the whole set easy!

Mummy H, Jake And Grace

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5 Thoughts to “Sip ‘n Sound Farmyard Animal Straws”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Wonder if they still do these ! The great neices would love them

  2. ashleigh allan

    These look good – lots of fun and great choice of different animals!

  3. Kayleigh Watkins

    They look like lots of fun, my children would love them xxx

  4. Samantha O'D

    These look fun

  5. Margaret gallagher

    Great idea and sound so much fun
    A treat for my 2 nephew’s next week -theyll be 5 and 6 and will love them

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