Silver Wedding Anniversary – Our Day

Today is Nanna Jane & Granddad Al’s Silver Wedding Anniversary, 25 years of being married.  Anyone with only a few years of married bliss, will find it hard to understand, how anyone could be together for so long & even longer.

We’ve actually been a couple living together for over 31 years, it just took us a while to get around to getting married, or rather it took me a while to say yes.  We had only known each other 6 months when we found out I was expecting, what a shock it was too, I was on the pill!

So although we had children I wasn’t ready to commit, but when the time was right we sorted it out & was married in just over two weeks.

We was married at Chorley Registry Office at 3pm. Sadly my father had passed away in 1978 when I was just 15, so my brother Ian gave me away.  We didn’t have money for a fancy car so we all went together to the registry office in our VW Campervan, which should have been orange & white, but was in fact orange, white, blue & grey as we was in the process of doing her up.

Our honeymoon was two nights in the Lake District camping.  We stayed at High Wray Farm near Ambleside & the next day we traveled over to Haverigg & stayed in a more commercial site there, I spent lots on the phone to make sure my little ones was ok, remember this is pre-mobile telephones, but, of course, they were being well & truly spoiled.

We came home on the Sunday teatime & collected out family before heading home to start the next chapter, being married.

My biggest regret about the day is the photographs, I wished we had hired a proper photographer, as we only have a few snaps of people with no head or half a head.  My brother offered to do them & like I said that is my one regret.

What is the secret to a long married life, talk, give & take & be prepared to compromise.

Life hasn’t turned out as we expected, me being now disabled was not in any of the plans we had talk about, but that is what I mean about compromise. Al is now my full time carer, even though he doesn’t get any money for doing so, I appreciate every thing he has done & does for me.

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Nanna Jane

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One Thought to “Silver Wedding Anniversary – Our Day”

  1. K Alman

    Hope I make it to 25 years as I got married in my 40’s. Love hearing the story of yours compared to your grandparents. Thanks for sharing.

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