Sibling Love

I know some children find it hard to accept when a new brother or sister comes along, but I’m pleased & proud to say that my grandson Jake has been a star.  Ever since Grace came home from the hospital it’s been “Is Grace ok?”, “What does Grace need?”, “What’s happening with Grace” & similar all day, every day. He’s constantly watching out for her which of course is what a big brother should do.

Yesterday morning Grace fell asleep on the settee after a feed, Jake went & got his quilt from his bed & tucked up with her.  Isn’t that such a caring big brother.  He even shares his favourite Teddy with her & she looks after it whilst he’s in Afternoon Nursery.

Here they are after he brought his quilt down for snuggle-time.

Jake & Grace


and this is when Grace first came home from the hospital

Jake & Grace1


So  proud of you Jake.

Posted by Nanna Jane

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2 Thoughts to “Siblings”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Gosh – a trip down memory lane – easy to forget how time flies

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Aww bless I had so forgot about this post. They still care about each other and are often sharing things. They are growing up fast but are lovely kids. Thank you Margaret for the reminder. xxJane

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