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John Foley Silly Stories Book Review Family Clan
Author and actor John Foley has written Seven Simple and Slightly Silly Stories is a unique, quirky and darkly witty collection of short stories. Foley’s book makes the perfect Christmas-stocking filler with all profits donated to Macmillan Cancer Support and The Silver Line. Both charities champion the importance of bonding and community when it comes to both our mental and physical well-being – a vision that is close to John’s heart and especially pertinent over the festive period.

Inspired by John’s time staying at the Copenhagen home of legendary fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, Seven Simple and Slightly Silly Stories is full of entertaining and meaningful tales. An ideal festive gift for any age, this charming collection offers a wonderful excuse for generations old and new to spend some quality time together this Christmas.

The stories included in the book are:-

Cat and Mouse – prepare yourself to meet a lonely cat

The Ants Who Wanted to Cross the Road –  arrogant ants, that need to cross a road

The Cockroach and the Condemned Man – a cockroach who just wants to befriend a human

The Tooth Fairy – The stories of tooth fairies, did you know there isn’t just one? read on to find out more and find out who this particular tooth fairy is visiting.

The Battle in the Washtub – Discover the mayhem that unfolds when clothes come to life in the washing machine

An Unwelcome Visitor – Find out what really happens when Death comes knocking.

The Mayfly – Go on a little journey with a mayfly with an unexpected ending.

In each extraordinary case, John’s captivating style expertly combines the fun and whimsy of fantasy writing with surprisingly profound and thought-provoking messages along the way. Expect twists and turns, as John captures the true magic of fiction in which anything really can happen.

As a successful audiobook producer, John’s stories are ideal for reading aloud. So as loved ones of all ages come together to celebrate this Christmas, share in the true delight of story-telling with Seven Simple and Slightly Silly Stories.

“Neither simple nor silly but wise and witty, John Foley’s stories take us back (or is it forward?) into Fabulous territory, and Grant Cathro’s illustrations light the way. A great read in a venerable tradition!” – Dame Siân Phillips

“I love the stories. Foley has the genius of de Maupassant, Chekhov and Saki; he is their dark-humoured brother.” – Tim Faulkner

“These are not only seven simple and slightly silly stories but stupendous, sumptuous and scintillating stories. I hope there’s seven or seventy more!” – Matthew Horne

Seven Simple and Silly Stories by John Foley Book Review Family Clan

This set of remarkable stories will transport readers to a whole host of fantastical worlds, brought to life by artist Grant Cathro’s brilliantly fun illustrations.

About John Foley

John Foley FRSA is an actor, puzzle setter and audiobook producer.

After years of stage work, he turned his focus to writing and audio. John has scripted and voiced more than 600 programmes for BBC English/World Service. Other audio work includes adapting numerous plays by writers such as Alan Bennett, Ronald Harwood, John Osborne, J B Priestley and Victoria Wood for World Service Drama and Radio 4. John has also produced more than 50 audiobooks for Naxos and Random House of unabridged works by Boccaccio, Byron, Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling, Anthony Trollope, H. G. Wells, Virginia Woolf and many others.

John Foley has other published works include several recreational reference books, a volume of musical anecdotes, stories for Disney comics and a number of graded readers for children.

‘Seven Simply and Slightly Silly Stories’ is the first of several collections of short-stories that John has written over the years, inspired by his summers spent at Hans Andersen’s house in Copenhagen. The stories have been tucked away in his desk for too long, so John has now decided to publish his first set for Macmillan Cancer Support and The Silver Line. All profits raised from the sale of Seven Simple and Slightly Silly Stories will be shared between these two worthwhile charities.

John’s second collection, Another Seven Simple and Slightly Silly Stories, will be coming soon…

Our Thoughts

Jake really enjoyed this book and just kept being in giggle fits at the story ‘ ‘The Ants Who Wanted to Cross the Road. Jake is seven and I feel that a few more illustrations would have helped keeping him engaged, but he is only seven.

Seven Simple and Slightly Silly Stories is available from all good book stores and Amazon.

Mummy H and Jake

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