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WOW it’s been a while since I’ve wrote anything on our blog, well to be honest not been in a good place bodily or mentally.

You may remember just twelve months ago I had a knee operation called an Arthroscopy, well it’s not Septoplastyworked! I was great about a month after the op, once the inflammation from the actual operation had
gone down & I thought woohoo, all done. How wrong I was within six weeks of the op I started getting a little niggle, well at Christmas I ended up trying a cortisone injection, that did nothing, they thought about drawing some fluid off my knee, but felt it wouldn’t help me, so I didn’t have it done – no good having something like that done, if it’s not going to make a difference, right.

So I’ve been back to see a new consultant this morning & he’s sorting out an MRI scan (Magnetic resonance imaging scan) for me & then we will take it from there.  He’s of the mind that I will need a further operation but not sure until he’s seen the scan result how to proceed.  I may end up having a new knee fitted.

I’ve also had a further two operations in 2015, one was just a small one to remove a mole – that was totally fine – phew! I just had a local anesthetic for it & had no pain after.

My second was to straighten my septum called a Septoplasty. The Septum is the bone in the middle of your nose. Mine it appeared had been broken when I was younger, fight with one of my brothers, it was blocking the air flow on the left hand side. I’d known for a long while that my left nostril was blocked but didn’t realize what was blocking it.

It was a full anesthetic, so I was asleep for the procedure, I felt fine once I had awoken for about 15 minutes, then all this blood started pouring from my nose, I ended up with a boat under my nose, well that is what the nurse called it, really it was a huge wad of gauze folded & rolled up, then taped under my nose to catch it all.

I had to use Olivia’s baby cup with the sip lip, as if I tried to drink from a “normal” cup the all the liquid soak my boat.  But I got by.  The worst thing was the rinsing out of my nose I had to do with salt water, I’m not even going to describe it to you it was just gross!! Shuddering remembering it.  I’m back to see my consultant for my nose at the beginning of August.  The improvement in my nose isn’t brilliant it still seems a bit blocked to me, but I’m not having it done again.

The day after the septoplasty I had to go to see the practice to remove the stitches from where I had the mole removed, didn’t I look sexy, walking around with this wad of gauze under my nose!! Had some strange looks, but at the time I couldn’t have cared less.

I saw my lung consultant last week &, woohoo, my lung capacity had gone up from under 75% to 79%. I’m so chuffed & I can actually tell. I’m not as tight across my chest & lungs, it might only be 4% but it’s 4% in the right direction!

After the Septoplasty operation I got very low, to be honest I think my body & mind was just very tired, I wasn’t sleeping well – I never do, but it was even worse then – I’d got myself worked up about the operations & it had left me exhausted, with no power to put that smiley face front on. So I hid from the world for a bit, but Granddad Al once again was fantastic looking after me & trying to make me smile. Picture of the Munchkins kept me going to.

I think that’s all I have had done!!!!  On the plus side I’ve done quite a lot of crochet, I made Olivia & Grace, crocheted Easter Bunnies, with different dresses for them to change into.  A range of size of cardigans, there’s always someone having a baby I know. I even made some crocheted roses that I’m thinking of putting together as a bouquet. Pictures from all to come.

What have you been upto recently, hopefully more fun adventures than I’ve had.  Do leave a message below telling me.

Right off to watch some tennis from Wimbledon.  Take care.

Nanna Jane

Photo credit to Kate Curtis

One Thought to “Update from Nanna Jane”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Gosh that takes me back ! You’ve got the technical phrases down to a tee ! Had to laugh at the boat under your nose
    Wonder if you ended up with black eyed too
    Good job they did put you to sleep
    Don’t think you’d be impressed with the hammer and chisel they use if you were awake
    Hopefully everything is back to normal and you can breathe easy
    Painful procedure to have but worthwhile for most

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