Scrappy Crochet Blanket/Lapghan Fun

Scrap Crochet Lap Blanket 

Nanna Jane Crochet Scrap Lapghan Family Clan

If you are a knitter or a crocheter like me you have lots of small balls of yarn stored in a bag or container that is left over from previous projects. I decided I would make Nanna Doll a lapghan. or a lap blanket.  She’s just turned 88 years young earlier this month. Even the extreme hot weather we had a week or so ago she didn’t really feel too warm. She has trouble walking so I think with her not going out side into the actual heat, she was just feeling the coolness of her home.

I, well Grand Dad Al really, managed to get a few balls of black double knit yarn when Aldi where having there big yarn sale a few weeks ago, so they have come in really useful to go with this project.

Feather and Fan Stitch Close Up on a Scrap Lapghan Lap Blanket Family Clan

I decided to use the Feather and Fan stitch as I love how it looks. It is also easy crocheting for when you are watching TV. I was playing yarn chicken with some of the balls. In fact one I had to go back and tighten my tension a bit to get enough to finish the row.

It measures 55 inches by 52 inches. So perfect for covering her lap and legs whilst sitting watching TV or even when we have her out in her wheelchair.

There is still a couple of ends to weave in, that I found whilst taking this photo!. Really thought I had got them all, but there always seems to be one or two that escape when you think you have finished right?

I’ve still got lots of oddments left so might try to make another one for the back of the sofa. Great for pulling over if you are having an afternoon nap or just on a cold evening.

What are you making? I would love to hear.

Nanna Jane

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12 Thoughts to “Scrappy Crochet Blanket/Lapghan Fun”

  1. David

    Hello! Oh this is really nice, I bet your Nanna will really like it.

  2. Katie Robertson

    What a lovely blanket.I have never tried crochet but I do card making instead however a lady I used to work with made soft toys by crocheting and they were very popular.

  3. Sharon Freemantle

    What a gorgeous blanket I wish I was able to crochet. I did download something from the internet and brought some wool. Ended up using it to tie back my veg and flowers in the garden

  4. Susie Wilkinson

    Wow! Amazing to have done so much in such a short time!

  5. Susan B

    It’s super! Yes, most of us have bits of wool and other odds and ends that are not suitable to donate to the charity shop so it’s great to have ideas to use them up. Lucky Nana.

  6. Peter Watson

    This is a major achievement compared to the scarves I make.

  7. Laura Wheatley

    I am so envious I would love to be able to make something like this

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Hi Laura, there are plenty of video’s on YouTube that can teach you how to crochet. Once you have learned the basic stitch it is just variations of it. Have a look and let me know how you go on. Jane xx

  8. debbieskerten

    Wow, it’s lovely. I’m a knitter and never have been able to crochet. I always love to see it though.

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Have you looked on YouTube Debbie? There are lots of tutorials that can show you how it’s done. It is just a case of finding one that shpws you in a way you understand as we all learn differently. xxJane

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    Wow- what a beauty – love the contrasting colours – nanna will will love it

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Thank you Margaret. I hope she will, it was made with a lot of love in it for her. xxJane

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