Schools Out For Summer

Schools Out For Summer

Well that’s the end of another school year for Grace, Jake, Olivia and Logan.
Jake and Grace last Day of School July 2019
Jake and Grace Leaves Year 3 & Reception
Olivia last Day of School July 2019
Olivia Leaves Year 2.
Olivia had her hair straightened specially for her last day of school and with a trip to Costa for Cake to celebrate her achievement. 
In Olivia’s words – ”I hated my last day as I didn’t want to leave because I loved being in Year 2 especially my teacher. I am going to miss her but she promised me she will come and see me when I am in Year 3 and I will still see her all the time”. How adorable.
Logan last Day of School July 2019
Logan Leaves Year 1
Logan in for a fun filled last day, his teacher told me this morning that they’ve got lots of fun activities they will be doing. Logan is a little sad to be leaving year 1,
It hasn’t been the best year because Logan had three different teachers and has now has two teachers split down the week. However Logan has loved this because his old reception teacher is one of those teachers and he loves her.
In Logan’s Words – ”I’m going to miss Mrs Hinde, she’s his favourite teacher ever as she’s going back to her reception class, but she did say I will see her around school which I’m happy about”
We are all super proud of the children, we cant wait to see what they get up to during their holidays. We’ve got lots of activities we would like to do, days out, days in, picnic & parties. Make sure you sign up to out emails so you don’t miss out on hearing about our fun.
Mummy E
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4 Thoughts to “Schools Out For Summer”

  1. Laura Wheatley

    aww end of another school year, it goes so quick

  2. debbieskerten

    Such a lovely posts with such kind words from your children. I hope when they go back to school that their teachers are just as nice.

  3. A S,Edinburgh

    Well done all 4 on another year! I hope they have lots of fun over the holidays.

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    The memories come flooding back reading this – 6 weeks of fun and no school
    Look forward to see what you get upto

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