School Nativity Play Week

This week our littlest bloggers have been performing their school Nativity shows.

They have all done fantastic, it must be so daunting getting up on to a stage with all the parents in front of them, but they all seemed to pull through it fantastically and we are really proud at how the performed and sang!

Well done kids!

School Nativity
Jake excelled at his speaking role
School Nativity
Logan as a Shepherd
School Nativity
Grace playing her part as a sheep


Well done kids!

Mummy H

7 Thoughts to “School Nativity Play Week”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Such a different year 2020 – love looking back

  2. toziesite

    Love this time of year when the children do their nativity plays William was the donkey this year and loved being part of it all, yours look like they love it too

  3. fionajk42

    I’ve always loved seeing children in Nativity plays. Sadly this year my granddaughter missed hers as she was poorly, but hopefully next year she’ll get a chance.

  4. susan smith

    Nativity plays i love, i get so proud when they are all doing there bit, and you can see they are proud preforming as well

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Well done all the young bloggers – you are all stars – keep up the great work

  6. Susan B

    Oh, bless them. It’s so lovely watching the little ones in their nativity plays.

  7. ashleigh allan

    Great photos – i love this time of year and seeing the kids nativity is always nice

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