Schleich Tractor and Trailer Review

Schleich Tractor and Trailer Farm World Review Family Clan Blog

Schleich Tractor and Trailer Review

We have been asked to review Schleich Tractor and Trailer which is part of the Farm World range. This fantastic sized tractor and trailer is everything your little farmer will need to explore their imagination into the farm world. The box arrived very well and contents secured fully. The care really has been given to make sure your Schleich products all arrive safely.

The new Farm World Schleich Tractor and Trailer has everything young ones need to complete work around the farm. With a moving front loader, trailer and figures included, adventures can start from the moment children unbox the set!

Schleich Tractor and Trailer Farm World Review Family Clan Blog


1 x tractor
1 x trailer
1 x front loader
1 x farmer
1 x calf
1 x large round bale
2 x sticker sheets


First I needed to add the front loader and arm onto the tractor which simply clicks into place. Then the next thing I needed to do was apply the stickers. I added the stickers onto the tractor and trailer, which were registration plates, Schleich logo and light stickers placing them all into the correct place by referring back to the diagram clearly displayed in the instructions where each sticker should go.

Now we were set to go, and go we did! Jake and Grace took the tractor straight outside into the garden and wanted to get it straight in the mud and grass ‘just like tractors do’. So we got out our small selection of rocks and shells that we collected from our trip to the beach so they could put them into the front loader an play. The ‘arm’ clicks into positions as you rise or lower the arm, and also the front loader can be situated into 3 positions, it is very sturdily built but easy for a child to operate.

Schleich Tractor and Trailer Farm World Review Family Clan Blog


The windows are made of transparent, break-resistant plastic along with the doors that can be fully opened and closed. The tractor also has real mirrors!
Schleich Tractor and Trailer Farm World Review Family Clan BlogNext I would like to point out that the tractors wheels are fully movable and they are even grooved tires so perfectly alike to a real tractor!

The accessories we have received alongside the tractor and trailer are really detailed, the calf is up to the high standard that is expected from Schleich. The farmer is able to sit in the driving seat inside the tractor, even the large round bale is very highly detailed which to make play time even more realistic.

Schleich Tractor and Trailer Farm World Review Family Clan Blog

The trailer simply connects on to the back of the tractor very easily, the trailer is super! You can release the sides of the trailer by lifting up the red clips, you can then release one side or even all three sides down to allow your child to fill the trailer with the hay, or even just loading it full of animals for transportation, whatever your child’s mind imagines can be done! So we ended up having the calf, sheep and dinosaurs being transported in the trailer, great combination!!



I am really impressed with the full quality of this Schleich Tractor and Trailer.
Schleich figures are all about imaginative play and children’s imaginations are instantly inspired by the realistic animals. Each individual small Schleich figures are hand painted, which just shows to me that they do put care and attention to each product that they make.

It is nice knowing that you’re buying a very decent product and care has been given. The quality I cannot fault, and would highly recommend this set. It is RRP £49.99 and good value for money I would personally say and would make an excellent gift which will last for years to come. We have had plenty of toy tractors in the past as Jake has grown, tractors and trains have always been been his favorite type of vehicles.

Did you see our post on the Schleich Mobile Vet Van? It is another great toy for children

Suited age 3+ but I have been watching my friends little boy who is 1, and he has favored the tractor too his ‘brum brum’ and tractor is suited for him for pushing back and forth. But I obviously kept the little pieces away from him.

You can view the full collection at

Schleich Tractor and Trailer Farm World Review Family Clan Blog
I thought I share this snap I took of Jake when we visited a local farm last year

Who would this be suited to in your family?


Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    I’d be the best aunty ever of I bought one of these beauties – 6 of them would love it
    It would be lovely but my budget wouldn’t stretch that far !

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