Schleich New Eldrador Range of Monsters!

Schleich AnimalsWe love Schleich and know their products are always really high quality, a great brand who take time and love in creating their products. Schleich is releasing some completely new products as part of the Eldrador Creatures range and it was no surprise to me this new Eldrador Creature was up to the same high quality standard that I have come to know from Schleich.

Schleich figures are all about imaginative play and children’s imaginations are instantly inspired by these detailed figures. I knew when I received this newest addition to our range of Schleich products that Jake would love it.

Schleich New Eldrador Range of Monsters Review Family Clan

Let the adventures begin with Eldrador Creatures Ice Monster

The Eldrador Ice Monster is very fierce looking, my first thoughts was how much detailing there was on the body of the monster. Every part of his body from his hair, toes, teeth have a very high attention to detailing. You can tell is key the during production process.

Schleich New Eldrador Range of Monsters Review Family Clan

This Eldrador Creature – Ice Monster is a particularly tough and tenacious warrior, he never runs out of breath even during long duels!

Nobody is as cold to their opponents as he is. Anyone who doesn’t watch out will immediately feel the effects of the strong fists of the gruff ice monster. With his mighty ice hammer, he can also freeze objects within seconds and then shatter them into a thousand pieces. As water is his element, he is, of course, a good swimmer and can even lie in wait for his enemies in the water world. His one weak spot during a battle, is that only his water-repellent fur can protect him. His opponents should still wrap up warm. But did you know that his favourite drink is ice-cooled iced tea with ice cubes from real icebergs!

Schleich New Eldrador Range of Monsters Review Family Clan

The brand-new monsters and beings from the Eldrador Creatures lava, ice, water and stone worlds offer plenty of action-packed fun. There are 12 new and very dangerous-looking figurines seeking to win the superweapon back from the evil forces.

Jake has enjoyed his Ice Monster and the weapon supplied is also removable. This would benefit a playset to bring play even more to life having battles with other Eldrador Creatures, and learning about the creatures as they play.

Schleich New Eldrador Range of Monsters Review Family Clan

Our Thoughts

We love this Schleich Eldrador Ice Monster that we have received and it is nice knowing that the Schleich products that you buy a very decent product and care has been given. The quality I cannot fault, and would highly recommend.  You can view the collection and make purchases on the Scheich website, Amazon and all good toy stockists.

This figure is suitable for ages 5+ and would make an unusual, but excellent choice of gift for any special occasion. Jake has taken this everywhere since he has opened the packaging, after a brief explanation to him about ice monsters, he now knows he can freeze things, so when we went out for an ice-cream he asked to bring the ice monster with him…. he told me he is keeping his ice cream cold by using the ice monster’s weapon to keep it frozen! I love the mind of a 7 year old. Jake loves this and I would recommend.

Mummy H & Jake

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4 Thoughts to “Schleich New Eldrador Range of Monsters!”

  1. Samantha O'D

    These look great, Schleich is such a great brand, we love their dinosaurs

  2. ashleigh allan

    These are cool and something different and at least with Schleich you know they will be good quality

  3. Nigel Soper

    Seems like fun as kids love monsters

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Live these two
    You can guarantee theyll last
    You can guarantee theyll be fun and played with lots

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