Schleich Eldrador Creatures

Schleich Eldrador Creatures

Schleich has expanded its theme world Eldrador® Creatures with new creatures from the worlds of lava, ice, stone and water. You might remember our previous review of the Schleich Eldrador Ice Monster, this is often played with and seems to always be sitting at the top of the toy box.

Schleich New Eldrador Range of Monsters!

These Schleich figures are ideal for collecting – and their special design and unique features guarantee action-packed play enjoyment.

We love Schleich and know their products are always really high quality, a great brand who take time and love in creating their products. Schleich figures are all about imaginative play and children’s imaginations are instantly inspired by these detailed figures.

When we received these new Schleich Eldrador range to review this week, Jake was thrilled to bits, he just loves the quality and play value in them and get’s lost in his own little world when he plays. I know the detailing and high quality of the product makes playtime more realistic.

Schleich Eldrador review by Family Clan

The New Additions to the Range

Fire Bull – Caution, hot-tempered: the fire bull doesn’t think twice before skewering opponents with his pointy, glowing-hot horns. He can pierce even the strongest of armour. But even if they manage to dodge the horns they shouldn’t start celebrating just yet.  The fire bull has another ace up his sleeve in the form of his flaming tail – one hit from which will put even the most tenacious opponent out of action! RRP £9.99

Ice Spider – In the labyrinthine caves of the ice world lurks a gruesome surprise: the deadly ice spider lies in wait there for its victims! One bite from the spider is enough to put opponents on ice for a very long time. If the spider ever finds itself surrounded, it keeps a cool head: with its eight eyes, it can keep multiple opponents in view simultaneously and defend itself against them. RRP £9.99

Battle crab with Weapon – With its six legs, the ferocious battle crab can move lightning-fast, allowing it to quickly catch up with even the swiftest of opponents. Once it’s caught an attacker, it seizes hold of them with one of its big claws – and then there’s no escaping its grip, no matter how much its victim struggles! Because it’s so quick and agile, it can effortlessly outmanoeuvre any opponents on the ground. RRP £13.99

Armour Turtle with Weapon – This humpbacked colossus is a master of deception. Many foes think that the armoured turtle is slow, cumbersome and pretty old. And then, surprise: he begins to spinning around lightning-fast and swinging its massive double-headed club at its enemies with incredible force! It has stony armour on its back and chest, which no weapon can pierce.RRP  £13.99

Our Thoughts

Jake absolutely loves these Schleich Eldrador Creatures that we have received. It is nice knowing that the Schleich products that you buy a very decent product and care has been given when made and painted. The quality I cannot fault, and would highly recommend. You can view the collection and make purchases on the Schleich website, Amazon, Smyths and all good toy stockists.

Grace has got her eyes on the Bayala Unicorn range, it looks fantastic! We also love the look of the dragons, so realistic!

These figures are suited age 7+ and would make an unusual, but excellent choice of gift for any special occasion.

Mummy H & Jake

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7 Thoughts to “Schleich Eldrador Creatures”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Armour turtle with weapon ! Perfect to add to patricks birthday gifts

  2. A S,Edinburgh

    What a great-looking range. Schleich figures are always a good buy.

  3. Susan B

    A trusted brand and what fun these are!

  4. fionajk42

    These looks great. Schelich always make good quality toys with loads of detail, which are great for imaginative play.

  5. Susie Wilkinson

    These look great, and being from Schleich, they’ll be great quality!

  6. Peter Watson

    I’m sure my grandchildren would love these fabulous creatures.

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Sure we’ll be adding these to our collection soon – they are great for the boys

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