Schleich Dinosaurs – Jurassic World Play

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Schleich Dinosaurs – Jurassic World Play

Schleich Dinosaurs offer new dinosaur figurines for 2018. This year, fans of these prehistoric giants can enjoy even more dinosaurs in new poses and new designs – for example, an additional model of the terrifying top-seller, T-Rex.

Wow you are in for such a treat! This new range is absolutely amazing, very realistic and high attention to detail to every part of the dinosaurs. We have previously received three of these dinosaurs to review, the Oviraptor, Tawa and a Velociraptor which you can read all about them here. We have received three of the latest dinosaur additions for us to review from this range too, and I am so impressed with the quality of the Schleich products we have received once again.

We know from our previous reviews that Schleich products are always high quality, they are great trusted brand who take time and love in creating their products. So it was no surprise that when I also received these Schleich dinosaurs that they were up to the same great standard as always.


Schleich Dinosaurs - Jurassic World Play Family Clan

The Psittacosaurus was a small, lightweight dinosaur that lived over 100 million years ago. For a dinosaur, it had a rather unusual appearance. Its toothless beak resembled that of a parrot. The carnivore used this beak to crack fruits and seeds. Its tail was equipped with about as many long and thin spines as a porcupine.

Schleich Dinosaurs - Jurassic World Play Family Clan

You can see all the features perfectly clear on the Psittacosaurus, all the detailings are perfect with each part painted beautifully, RRP £7.99.


Schleich Dinosaurs - Jurassic World Play Family Clan

The Dinogorgon lived over 250 million years ago where South Africa and Tanzania now lie. The little carnivore had a very powerful jaw and a small but thick and massive skull 30-40 cm in length. It was named after the gorgons, the dreaded creatures from Greek mythology.

Schleich Dinosaurs - Jurassic World Play Family Clan

The detailing on the Dinogorgon is absolutely amazing, on the back of the Dinogorgon has stripes and quite a perculiar look about it, you can see the Dinogorgon in action and we think he looks like he is growling for food, RRP £7.99.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Schleich Dinosaurs - Jurassic World Play Family Clan

The 13-metre-long Tyrannosaurus rex was a two-legged predator and an absolutely imposing sight, with its massive skull and nearly 20-centimetre-long teeth.

The Tyrannosaurus rex looked very menacing, but was hardly capable of using its short front legs equipped with two claws, as they could not even reach its mouth. At nearly seven metres in height and thirteen metres long, the Tyrannosaurus rex was probably not a particularly good hunter, but rather a scavenger that fed on what other animals left behind. It had over fifty teeth, measuring over 15 cm in length, but it didn’t use them to chew, but to tear, swallowing its food in large pieces.

Schleich Dinosaurs - Jurassic World Play Family Clan

Did you know that if the Tyrannosaurus rex lost one of its dagger-like teeth, it grew back within a few weeks!

In order to better perceive depths while hunting for food, the eyes of the Tyrannosaurus rex were pointed forwards, allowing the field of vision of its eyes to overlap. The attention to detail is so high on the Tyrannosaurus rex, it has a moveable jaw and you can see each lump and groove throughout the dinosaur which brings children’s imaginations to life, RRP £15.99.

Schleich Dinosaurs - Jurassic World Play Family Clan

All of the Schleich figurines are designed with great attention to detail and painted by hand. The Dinosaurs world of experiences enables children to explore the fascination of the prehistoric era with great detail in their pretend dinosaur world. Children can play with the dinosaurs and creatures whilst learning something at the same time!

We have teamed our range of Schleich Dinosaurs up alongside the Schleich Croco Jungle Research Station as we thought this setting once again would go best, you can mix and match your creatures with other Schleich sets, as a child’s imagination is endless, right!

Schleich Dinosaurs - Jurassic World Play Family Clan

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Each of the Schleich Dinosaurs also comes with a little folded removable leaflet attached telling you the name of the dinosaur and also the facts of its time period, length, weight and type giving your child all the information they need to play.
You can find more of the Schleich range on their website here.

Our Thoughts

The new Schleich Dinosaurs range is aimed for age 5+, Grace is 4 and Jake is 7, and they play really well with these. The detailing is so fine, I believe that these products would also be fantastic use in schools when they are teaching children about dinosaurs as they really would give a child such a realistic view of the creatures compared to a cheap version you would find elsewhere, we give these Schleich Dinosaurs 10/10 as the realistic look and materials are just superb.

The new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is out today (7th June) and these dinosaurs would just tie in so perfectly for a little gift to buy your little explorer if they are on the lookout to learn more about dinosaurs.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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  1. kris mc

    love this brand, great products

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Forgot they made these – 6 year old birthday boy sorted ! Hours of fun

  3. Paul B

    These look great. I know a little someone that would love these!

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Love this brand – always quality – hours of fun too

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