Schleich Croco Jungle Research station

Family Clan Croco Jungle Research Station Schleich Review
We have been asked to review Schleich Croco Jungle Research Station which is part of the Wild Life range. This fantastic sized Croco Jungle Research Station is everything your little Jungle Adventurer will need to explore their imagination into the Wild Life. The box arrived and all contents were secured fully, the box weighs just short of 5kg. The care really has been given to make sure your Schleich products all arrive safely with many of the pieces being singularly secured.

Family Clan Croco Jungle Research Station Schleich Review

Go on a wild adventure! The CROCO research station awaits you in the jungle, with lots of play functions and exciting features. Set off on a research mission in the jungle and discover rare species, look after injured animals and find the secret treasure in the CROCO skull!

Family Clan Croco Jungle Research Station Schleich Review


  • 1 x large CROCO skull with secret hiding place
  • 1 x jungle research building
  • 1 x Ranger Tom,
  • 1 x crocodile,
  • 1 x orang-utang
  • 1 x black panther,
  • 1 x Asian elephant calf,

There are so many more accessories which are all so realistic which brings play to life!
hoist container, railings, net, viewing platform with trapdoor, radar, mast with flag, hammock, shelving units, hooks, folding chair, silver-coloured cage parts with doors, dividing wall for cage, enclosure parts, treasure chest, 20 gold pieces, crystal skull, torches, treasure map, fire pit, tripod with hook, kettle, tree trunk seats, aluminium-coloured box, spade, axe, survival knife, binoculars with carrying strap, plates, camping cups, satellite phone, laptop, sticker sheet.


The large crocodile skull doesn’t need any setting up, all I needed to do was remove it out of the box. This particular piece is highly detailed and a very good Family Clan Croco Jungle Research Station Schleich Reviewweight. The mouth of the crocodile can be opened, closed and removed. The back of the skull can also be removed so your child can see inside at all angles. The insides of the crocodiles mouth reveals a hidden place to hide the treasure chest and inside his removable tooth you can secretly store 20 gold coins!

On the top of the crocodiles head is the viewing platform which has a trapdoor. With a hole in the top of the crocodiles skull this allows Ranger Tom to gain secret access to the inside of the crocodiles skull.

Also supplied is two tree trunks, you can use one of these to wedge open the crocodiles mouth by standing the log vertical this is great for extended play so your little ones won’t have to keep lifting the mouth up and down. When they are finished simply take the tree trunk out of the mouth and you can place it down near the campfire so you are able to use it as a seat.

Family Clan Croco Jungle Research Station Schleich Review

Setting up the Croco Jungle Research Station building

First I needed to assemble the research station, I started by connecting the walls of the station to floor and adding in the window, door, roof and shelving which is situated inside the centre. Then I added the supports to the rooftop, this then fits on top of the research station freely, but it can also be situated elsewhere, such as on the ground so you can place it near the campfire and have shelter on the ground which broadens your child’s mind with their imagination. On the top of the shelter you add your radar and flag alongside with the hammock placed inside which is secured to the supports of your rooftop.Family Clan Croco Jungle Research Station Schleich Review

I continued to follow the instructions, adding the outer railings and the steps on to the research station. The tripod with hook connects onto the station through the hole on the side and sits securely into place, we then needed to knot the string supplied into position to secure, add the net onto the hook and hoist container inside. Now It looks like we are finally starting to take shape!

Family Clan Croco Jungle Research Station Schleich ReviewThe remainder of the set up was pretty quick. Adding the silver cages together by clicking each piece together, then insert the dividing wall which hook onto the cage on either side, this can slide back and forth which is great for giving a larger/smaller exhibit for the animal that are inside.

Next we have the enclosure parts which have a very detailed log effect, these 6 pieces all clip together so you can make a larger environment, or you can also add the silver gated cage to this to create is easier for Ranger Tom to gain access.

Last of all I added the detailed stickers to the mobile phone and laptop, add the flames to the wooden sticks, and the carrying strap on to the binoculars and now I was finished with the set up. Then I positioned the remaining accessories and Grace and Jake were then ready to play

The research station attaches onto the crocodiles skull so this allows your child’s imagination to run free. They can play on the research station and walk Ranger Tom over to the top of the crocodiles skull and into the trapdoor to the crocodiles mouth.

Family Clan Croco Jungle Research Station Schleich Review

This amazing set comes with 4 highly detailed animals which are a crocodile, orang-utang, black panther, and Asian elephant calf. Children can play imaginatively with Schleich animals on their own, or combine them with their other favourite toys for even more fun.

Family Clan Croco Jungle Research Station Schleich Review

Our Thoughts

I am really impressed with the full quality of this Schleich Croco Jungle research station.
Schleich figures are all about imaginative play and children’s imaginations are instantly inspired by the realistic animals. Each individual small Schleich figures are hand painted, which just shows to me that they do put care and attention to each product that they make.

The new Croco Jungle Research Station is the ideal starting point for all Wild Life adventures!

It is nice knowing that you’re buying a very decent product and care has been given. The quality I cannot fault, and would highly recommend this set. It is RRP £99.99 and suitable for ages 3+ this would make an excellent gift which will last for years to come. We have had plenty of toy animals in the past as Jake and Grace have grown but nothing compares to the quality of the ones that we have received from Schleich. I really would highly recommend the products.

There are other products that are available to purchase separately to go along side the Wild Life range, which would create hours worth of extensive play with your children. You can view the Wild Life range here.

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Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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  1. Kayleigh Watkins

    This looks like lots of fun xXx

  2. Ashleigh Allan

    Wow looks amazing. This would make a great Christmas present

  3. Sidrah Ahmed

    This is amazing and lots for the kids to be playing with

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Love how realistic and lifelike the animals are
    My nephews love these
    Been collecting pieces for years
    Although they sound Expensive they stand the ruggers of everyday play
    Great review

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