Schleich Animals

Schleich Animals

I have always known Schleich products to be high quality, a great brand who take time and love in creating their products. So it was no surprise that when I received these Schleich animals to review they were up to the same high quality standard that I have come to expect.

Schleich figures are all about imaginative play and children’s imaginations are instantly inspired by these detailed figures I knew when I received these that Jake and Grace would take an instant likening to these Schleich animals as they love little figures to play with.

We have received an Indian Rhino, Lion, Black Bull & Cow Schleich animals for us to review.Schleich Animal Review Family Clan

The black bull and cow are both extremely great quality and they are great hand held sized weighing a good amount per animal making play very realistic. They fit perfectly with any of the Farm World sets, or any other set Schleich sets, as a child’s imagination is endless! Grace has loved tending to the cow into the Schleich Mobile Vet Van making sure she tends to her poorly cow and giving it an xray. You can read about the Mobile Vet Van here.   The Cow RRP £5.99 and the Black Bull RRP £7.99

Schleich Animal Review Family ClanSchleich Animal Review Family Clan

The Schleich animals that we have received are lovingly hand-painted with really high attention to detail, this detailed modelling allows children to learn as they play and using these realistic figure for playing brings the realism to the real world. Learning about animals from a young age opens up a fascinating world for pre-school children and with Schleich’s vast collection of farm and wild life animals, little ones can learn as they play.

Schleich Animal Review Family ClanSchleich Animal Review Family Clan

This Indian Rhino is excellent quality, each lump and bump is in the right places. This remind me of the time we visited the zoo in France last year and they had Rhinos alike to these so you can see the strong realism between the two photos. RRP £7.99

Schleich Animal Review Family Clan Schleich Animal Review Family Clan

This Lion has fantastic features on the face and the detailing on the lions mane is excellent with different shades of colours throughout, so realistic! Here is another quick picture I took of a lion on our zoo trip in France. RRP £5.99

I love that Grace and Jake have animals that they can hold alike to the ones that they have seen in the zoo.

Children can play imaginatively with Schleich figures on their own, or combine them with other Schleich sets or their own favorite toys for even more hours of fun! Each Schleich animal, whether new or part of the existing line-up can be collected one by one until an entire play world is created. Adding these with the ready-to-play sets and accessories and the scenario is complete.

Schleich add new animals and accessories year after year to ensure that little imaginations grow as does their collection.

Our Thoughts

I love the Schleich animals that we have received and it is nice knowing that the Schleich products that you buy a very decent product and care has been given. The quality I cannot fault, and would highly recommend these animals. They are such a great addition to any of the playsets that can be purchased seperately.  You can view the collection and make purchases at

The figures are suitable for ages 3+ and would make an excellent choice of gift for any special occasion for a little one!

Mummy H, Jake an Grace

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2 Thoughts to “Schleich Animals”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Once you start collecting you’ll want more and more – virtually indestructible and timeless classics

  2. ashleigh allan

    We had some of these – they are great quality and look great!

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