Rummikub Game Review

Rummikub Review by Family Clan

The Original Rummikub Brings People Together!

What better way to bring on the festive cheer than enjoying a classic family game with your nearest and dearest!

With brilliant simplicity, Rummikub provides hours of amusement. Each game is as different as the combinations of move you choose to play.

Contents of the box:-

106 tiles (8 sets of tiles 1-13 in 4 colours & 2 jokers)
Rack holders
Detailed rules

Rummikub Review by Family Clan

Object of the game

Rummikub Review by Family Clan

To be the first player to go ‘Rummikub’ by using all your tiles in ‘runs’ or ‘groups’ and by accumulating the highest scores.

There are 8 sets of tiles 1-13 in 4 colours and there are also 2 jokers.
You can have sets of Runs i.e. 4,5,6,7 in the same colour and Groups i.e. 8,8,8, in 3 different colours. It’s like Gin Rummy the card game.

Your can outwit your opponents with cool strategy and sharp moves.

Be the first to lay down all your tiles & cry ‘Rummikub!’ and you win!

Use the Joker with caution. He can fire up the game, but if he is still on your rack at the end of the round, you lose 30 points!

Our Thoughts

Perfect for winter nights, Rummikub is a great game and is suitable age 7+ and 2-4 players and available in all good toy stores and online RRP £24.99. Currently on offer on Amazon for £16.69 a great gift for all the family to enjoy!

Grace has loved to sit with me whilst we play with Jake, even though now she can read her numbers this is not so good as she is giving my game away to Jake by telling him the tiles I have!

Jake loved Rummikub, and it is great to use skill whilst trying to make his own runs and groups. He was very much aware of what I was looking for (thanks to Grace) so he used that in his strategy plans and wouldn’t place any 1’s down knowing I was looking for the yellow one to complete my Group of 4.

I thought that this was very clever of him, as it is part of the strategy of the game. He did win our game to, actually very proud of him for understanding the game and winning.

Mummy H and Jake

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6 Thoughts to “Rummikub Game Review”

  1. ashleigh allan

    Looks like a really fun game – I love family board games

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Never played this game before sounds rright up our steet

  3. William Gould

    Great! I do love any game that get kids thinking and learning without realising they are, as they are having fun!

  4. Lyndsey cooksey

    This is one game ive never played before! I think it would a brilliant game for our family to play. Well done Jake, clever lad!

  5. Kayleigh Watkins

    I have never played this game if I’m honest but it sounds like a fun family game to play together xxx

  6. bonniebonster

    Sounds like a good family game that encourages you to think strategically, I thing my family would love it

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