Rubik’s Game New Strategy Fun

Rubik’s Game Strategy Fun

John Adams Leisure has announced two brand new products to the Rubik’s Game puzzle range coming out this month! Rubik’s Flip, a tile based strategy game; and Rubik’s Battle, a quick-thinking card game based on the Rubik’s cube colours, are both available this Spring.

The past 12 months have been Rubik’s biggest since the cube’s initial craze in the 1980’s, with the ever-green puzzle enjoying a wealth of consumer, media and industry successes, and most recently winning the Retro Toy of the Year category at the annual Toy Industry Awards.

This year sees John Adams continue to promote Rubik’s core products and events, along with building on last year’s success of the Rubik’s Junior launch, a range of animal-shaped beginner puzzles for children aged 4+.

Lynette Norris, Marketing Manager at John Adams Leisure, comments, “We’re thrilled with the success Rubik’s achieved in 2017, and early indications are strong that the popularity of Rubik’s is set to continue. People who grew up with Rubik’s are now rediscovering it with their own children, gift-buyers want a recognised and quality brand, and the price point of Rubik’s products makes it accessible to most budgets. We feel the new products will offer fans and consumers another way to experience the fun and puzzling world of Rubik’s.”

Rubik's Games Rubik's Game Rubik Flip Rubik Battle Review Family Clan
Rubik’s Flip 

Rubik’s Flip is the fast-moving strategy game with only 8 moves per player! Place a tile into the grid then flip one of your opponent’s. It sounds simple but is a challenge to master. The winner is the first player to place 3 tiles of the same colour in a row that cannot be flipped.

Each of the tiles are double sided white/yellow and blue/red, you first place a tile in any place. The second player flips their opponents tile in and horizontal/vertical empty space and then places one of their own tiles. The first player then follows by flipping their opponents tile into any adjacent horizontal/vertical space and then places one of their own.

Rubik's Games Rubik's Game Rubik Flip Rubik Battle Review Family Clan

Alternating turns, the first player to ‘lock in’ 3 tiles in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row which cannot be flipped, wins!

Rubiks Flip is out now and is available from Amazon here and it suitable for 2 players.

Rubik's Games Rubik's Game Rubik Flip Rubik Battle Review Family Clan

Rubik’s Battle Card Game

Rubik’s Battle is a quick-thinking, fast-action card game. Deal out the cards and each player flips over their top card. Be first to spot a unique colour match and win the cards. Collect all the Rubik’s Battle cards to win!

Rubik's Games Rubik's Game Rubik Flip Rubik Battle Review Family Clan

Rubik’s Battle Card Game is now out and available on Amazon here and suitable for 2 to 6 players.

Rubiks is something we have all known and been brought up around these last few decades so having the new release games, is so much fun. I for one don’t have the patience for the cube as it just doesn’t go back to where it should! Whereas Jake does like the original cube style for the challenge, so these Rubiks Flip & Battle are a great alternative to play with Rubiks in a new fun way!

The Rubik’s Game are both small sizes so would be the perfect travel companion to take on a day trip or holiday to pass the time to fill with so much fun. Moren on these and more Rubik’s products can be seen on Jo information Adams website.

Mummy H, Jake and Grace

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5 Thoughts to “Rubik’s Game New Strategy Fun”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Perfect for my great neice this Christmas – they are timeless classics

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    I bought this for the boys and they love challenging one another – thanks for the intro

  3. Paul B

    We used to play something similar with our first son.
    It’d be great to play this with our 2nd one.

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Sounds right up our street – the boys will love it

  5. Iris Tilley

    To be fair this does sound difficult but fun it’s one I’d like to play with my nephew

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