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I love Roman clothing, not the era, but the shop. I wouldn’t look good in a toga, believe me! But I’ve been buying the Roman Originals brand for years. The fit always seem to be a perfect size for me. So when an email dropped in to my inbox with the word sale I just knew it was going to be a good day. They even have free delivery!

Ivory and Black Fringed Striped Cardigan

Some of the items in the sale are ridiculously low prices. Like this ivory and black striped fringed cardigan that I picked up for just £5, yes £5

Ivory Black Striped Fringe Cardigan Roman Family Clan

It’s lovely and long, perfect for putting on as the sun goes down on a Summer evening over a skater, any mid thigh or even short dress, equally nice over a button down shirt, jeans and boots. Sadly it’s all sold out now, but I did managed to get Nanna Doll one as well.

Aubergine V neck Shift Tunic.

Aubergine shift tunic. I love the deep colour of this top and the luxurious satin effect of the material. It have a V neck front and back, so looks very sophisticated.

Aubergine Satin Style Roman Family Clan

I have a long black skirt. I think it will look good layered over it with a pair of dressy sandals. It cost me £10, but now reduced down even more to £8.

Grey Belted Trousers

The grey belted trousers are something different for me, all my trousers are black – ok it’s only grey, but it is a change.

Grey Belted Trousers Roman Family Clan

They have an elastic waist, with the long matching belt threaded around. These retail at £22, but in the sale they are just £10, they would look lovely with the other items I’ve got in the sale. They feel really comfortable on and lucky for me they are the perfect length at just over 76 cm inside leg.

Pink Spotted Junper

The last item I bought is sooo not me, but I really fell in love with it. It’s a so soft pale pastel pink spotted jumper. Pink is not usually a colour I go for in clothing. Lipstick, yes, wool, yes, even occasionally nail varnish, but not clothes. However this very pale pink almost an apricot colour caught my eye. I love the black stripe detailing on the neckline, cuffs and waist.

Spotted Pink Jumper Roman Family Clan

This was in the sale for £12 when I purchased it, it’s not fully stocked in all sized, but back up to £25. I think this would look great with jeans, the grey belted trousers above, or a skirt. Smart enough for evenings, but great to keep the chill off on a Spring day.

Sorry I’ve not used photo’s of the actual items, the lighting is so bad and very flat at the moment, they just wasn’t showing up any detail.

3 Thoughts to “My Roman Originals Shopping Haul”

  1. ashleigh allan

    Love the cardigan – great prices as well – so cheap!

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    I’ve not heard of this brand/store but I love the cardigan and at £5 its an absolute bargain xXx

  3. MARGARET gallagher

    Like your style
    Perfect for spring through to summer
    Love the pants

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