Rock & Ruddle Natural Bristle Hairbrushes

Rock & Ruddle Natural Bristle Hairbrushes

I love a hair brush with natural bristles as they make your hair feel healthy and shiny. So testing the Rock & Ruddle was no problem for me.

The hairbrush I have been using for the past couple of years was just a cheap five pound one from a discount shop. My lovely natural hairbrush I had was lost somewhere on holiday. So you can imagine I was pleased to receive this new one.

Rock & Ruddle Natural Hairbrush Pink Flamingo's Family Clan

It has a lovely pink flamingo design on the paddle of the brush that measures just over eight inches or 21 cm’s. The handle fits nicely into the palm for ease when using the brush. The bristles are 2½ inches wide by just over 4 inches with a depth of ¾ of an inch or 6 x 11 x 2 in centimeters.

Rock & Ruddle Natural Hairbrush Pink Flamingo's Family Clan

Rock & Ruddle have some great designs for the paddles including love birds, peacocks, hearts, butterflies, stars and stripes, fairies, ballerina’s, cats and dogs, to self coloured brushes in vibrant pink, purple and orange and even metallic colours of rose gold, silver, gold and the green/purple shimmer, and so many more designs and colours. You can see them here.

Rock & Ruddle hairbrush banner

Rock & Ruddle also offer hairbrushes with different bristles depending on your hair. You can choose from from very soft bristles for the younger members of the family to pure natural bristle which is the version that I received which has natural bristles with nylon tips that is ideal for thicker hair.

Why Natural Bristles?

Rock & Ruddle Natural Hairbrush Pink Flamingo's Family Clan

Natural bristles are renowned for caring for your hair due to the structure of the bristle being similar to our own hair. Each bristle easily glides against and through your hair detangling and conditioning your hair by spreading the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair making it glossy, supple and healthy.

A hairbrush from Rock & Ruddle would make a lovely birthday present to a teenager, Mother’s Day or perhaps a christening present. Rock and Ruddle also do various designs in a selection of combs and hairclips.

I am super happy with my new hair brush after using it for a few days I can report that it is fabulous and my hair already is noticing the difference.

Nanna Jane

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3 Thoughts to “Rock & Ruddle Natural Bristle Hairbrushes”

  1. Margaret

    Heard a lot about these – my neices would be thrilled if i bought them one

  2. Ashleigh Allan

    Sounds great brush and i love the design so cool

  3. Katrina Adams

    I actually didn’t know that natural bristles were good for your hair – I’m definitely going to look at getting a new hair brush after reading this and see what difference it makes to my hair.

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