ROCCAT Suora FX Gaming Keyboard

 Roccat Swarm Suora FX Gaming Keyboard Review by Family Clan


The Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The ROCCAT® Suora FX is unmistakably the mechanical keyboard of choice for gaming purists. It boasts a frameless design, the result of which is a pure and efficient keyboard for gamers who like to plug and play right from the box. Its philosophy is raw and undiluted performance, which is exactly what gamers get thanks to its robust, compact build.

The keyboard has been built with a durable aluminum-alloy housing, its features include solid mechanical keys with a 50 million keystroke lifecycle plus a comprehensive 16.8m illumination system, and much more. The Suora FX is the mechanical keyboard that gives you raw power, unchained.

I use my PC keyboard daily and the one that I had was really on its last legs after being used daily for years.

The keyboard arrived promptly and very well packaged within the delivery box. Upon opening the keyboard box you are then presented with the foam insert and you can see that it is very well presented with the keyboard secured within a plastic packet and also a Quick Installation Guide.

Roccat Swarm Suora FX Gaming Keyboard Review by Family Clan

Swarm provides next-level ROCCAT product integration. It works a unified driver suite where you can keep tabs on all of your ROCCAT devices in one place. Say goodbye to multiple tray icons – with Swarm you have a veritable gaming command HQ for every weapon in your arsenal.

16.8m Color Illumination

You can configure the theme of your Suora FX in a style totally unique to you thanks to its illumination system with next-level configuration possibilities. There are 16.8 million vivid colors to choose from and a plethora of stunning visual effects to suit your mood.

You can use the FN & F1-F4 keys together to toggle through a variety of inbuilt lighting FX presets.

These include:-

Multi-Coloured Wave Effect

This setting continuously shows a wave of colours, it is very relaxing and it does look pretty awesome I am sure that you will agree!

Roccat Swarm Suora FX Gaming Keyboard Review by Family Clan


This setting presents to us various colours that fade in and out approximately every 3 seconds.

Solidly Lit

This option is set as blue light that is constantly lit, ideal for use in the evening or dark lit area so you can still see what keys you are pressing on the keyboard. I have found this setting to be ideal on an evening when I am working and gaming. I now no longer need to have the main room light on to see what keys I am pressing.

Roccat Swarm Suora FX Gaming Keyboard Review by Family Clan


This Ripple setting gives a multi-coloured rippled effect with every key that you press sending off ripples of colours from the key. Very addictive to watch and a great alternative setting.

Roccat Swarm Suora FX Gaming Keyboard Review by Family ClanRoccat Swarm Suora FX Gaming Keyboard Review by Family Clan

This is a raw-performance keyboard with style!

Compact & Frameless

The Roccat Suora FX features a unique build in that its design is entirely frameless. No palm rest, no thick border and no thumb keys – just high-quality, durable mechanical keys mounted on a durable plate. This raw design lets you get closer in touch with the action, for lightning-fast and distraction-free gameplay. While your enemies are tying their fingers in a knot while they’re lost in a sea of keys, you’ll be one step ahead with your instinctive control.Roccat Swarm Suora FX Gaming Keyboard Review by Family Clan

It isn’t much good having an intuitively designed keyboard built for speed if the keys can’t keep up with your hot action. But you won’t have that problem with the Suora FX. It rocks an advanced anti-ghosting matrix that ensures every key stroke will be registered, time and time again. With its 1000Hz (1ms) polling rate will be with you every key stroke of the way, each and every time.

This is great for me as I am a fast typist and find that my older keyboard couldn’t sometimes keep up with me!

The Roccat keyboard measures about the same size as a standard keyboard (43cm x 12.5cm)

Solid & Durable

If you play hard, you might be worried that your devices won’t be able to last the distance. No need to worry about that with the Roccat Suora FX. It might have a compact and frameless build, but make no mistake – this is a keyboard that’ll safely see you through war after war. It features a robust aluminum housing that provides a consistent gaming platform. Its solid construction is complemented by tough mechanical keys with a staggering 50 million key stroke life-cycle.

Roccat Swarm Suora FX Gaming Keyboard Review by Family Clan


All I needed to do for this keyboard to work was plug into the USB and it connected, installed in a few seconds and I was instantly set to go. The USB wire is also quite a length and very high quality easily going from the front of my computer desk reaching to the back of my PC tower with no stretch.

You can also go on the Roccat website to install the driver which then allows you access further features of your keyboard.

So a quick overview of the features of this keyboard:-

Advanced anti-ghosting

Thanks to n-key rollover

Frameless build

With focus on raw performance

16.8m color key back-lighting

With quick access to stunning effect

6 macro keys

Programmable zone keys which are situated above arrow keys for quick access for gaming.

Robust design

With tough-built metal housing

Durable keys

With 50 million keystroke lifecycle

1000Hz polling rate

For rapid-response keystrokes

Media & hotkeys

For convenient control over media

Game mode button

Quick launches custom gaming profile

F1-F4 key lighting FX presets

Quick toggle: wave, breathing, ripple, solid

There are so many benefits with having this keyboard for gaming, and it is a great piece of technology that I have became to really enjoy. Many friends have visited us over the festive period and talk has always been turned to this keyboard due to it lighting up and catching the eye drawing instant attention within the room.

Mummy H

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  1. ashleigh allan

    This looks so cool – love all the light up colours on it

  2. paula cheadle

    this looks like a fab keyboard, my grandson would love it

  3. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Oh wow thats a beauty
    Will be updating ours later in the year
    Certainly keep THIS one in mind

  4. Keri Jones

    Me & my husband love keyboards like this. I’ll show him this post later. Thank you for the review x

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