Robo Alive Slithering Snake by ZURU

ZURU Robo Alive Slithering Snake review by Family Clan

Check out this Robo Alive Slithering Snake by ZURU that we have had the chance to review with the lead up to the big excited reveal of the new 5Surprise Series 2 that has been released. We can’t wait!

ZURU have the most fabulous product for your little reptile lovers. But without having to handle a real life reptile, as that would totally gross me out!

Their Robo Alive range is absolutely amazing and even shocked me at how realistic the product can be for a toy!

There are a few Robo Alive products that ZURU do and over the years we have collected a few.

We have loved this Robo Alive Tiny Turtle ‘n Tank and when we get it out we place it in the bathroom and watch our turtles move around in the water, so realistic!

You need to add water to make the turtle come to life, so this is why I have mine in the bathroom as my kids and water don’t mix well as they get it everywhere!

We also have the Robo Alive Lizard which moves really fast and looks like the real thing especially when walking the a likeness is crazy!

So to receive this Robo Alive Slithering Snake by ZURU to review, we knew this would just be the same great quality that we know from ZURU Robo Alive and we couldn’t wait to test it out!

It slithers like a real snake!

Live life on the wild side with Robo Alive’s Slithering Snake. Watch as it silently slithers, while flicking its tongue on the hunt for its next meal.

We inserted the batteries (not included) and turned it on.

The snake was set to go instantly and wow, it really is a fast real-life slithering Snake.

The snakes eyes also move to keep the realism going!

The tongue also flicks in and out as it continues to slither across just adding to the whole realism of the products.

Mummy E put it to the test by scaring Daddy S into thinking it was a real snake when we sent it round the corner without him knowing! Kids 1 – 0 Dad!

The Robo Alive Slithering Snake by ZURU  is available in red and green.

We know a video would be best to show you how this work so watch below.

Our thoughts

Jake got this as a present from Santa, so he decided to give it to his nephew Logan and Jensen.

We let them put it to the test. THEY LOVED IT, we knew they would!

Robo Alive Slithering Snake by ZURU is available from Amazon and all good toy stockists.

Not long now until we reveal the new 5Surprise Series 2 by ZURU. We can’t wait to show you all about them!

Mummy H

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3 Thoughts to “Robo Alive Slithering Snake by ZURU”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    These are actually new to me. They’re so cute, and as you say, very realistic!

  2. ashleigh allan

    Looks like lots of good fun for kids to play!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    What fun – the boys will love this – love ZURU toys

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