Road signs from a four year olds view point

Road Signs

I’ve been a driver for over 25 years & even before that I knew what most of the road signs meant, I think I just learned from being a passenger & I seem to remember when going on holiday with my parents we made a game of spotting different road signs.

Five of us have just had a week in Whitley Bay in Northumberland, Granddad Al, Mummy H, Jake, Grace & myself, whilst driving to go shopping in the town Jake started telling us what the traffic road signs meant & when it was safe to go at traffic lights  & loved shouting Granddad it’s green you can go now!

No Smoking

He’d seen the no smoking one in the caravan and had told us it meant no steam, as in from a train, he’s a massive Thomas the Tank engine fan. We explained what it actually was & he was a bit confused as he had seen the lady in the next caravan sitting on the step having a cigarette.


He spotted the no entry sign & knew what that meant, so all good so far.

no-entry Road Sign
No Entry


We saw speed limit signs & he knew them.

Speed Limit Road Signs
Speed Limits

The one that totally threw us was when he said it means “No Boomerangs”.

No Right Turn Road Sign
No Right Turn


Just think about it for a minute & you will understand what he means.  We should have really corrected him, but he was so sure that’s what it meant, we didn’t have the heart to do so.

Has your little ones come up with any funny idea’s about signs that we take for granted?

Drive safe.

Nanna Jane

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5 Thoughts to “Road signs from a four year olds view point”

  1. Elaine Livingstone

    Children can have some strange ideas, until you actually see it from their point of view

  2. Elf

    Oh this is so adorable. I just love the things kids say 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Think he got it write with no boomerangs

  4. fionajk42

    A couple of summers ago my nephew and his wife went on a road trip across Europe with their 7 year-old and 4-year old. While on a steep road going up the Alps they got stuck in a traffic jam. Eventually they reached the obstruction which was caused by road works. The youngest child pointed at the “Men at Work” sign and proclaimed “Look, they haven’t finished building the mountains yet!”.

  5. Danielle Vedmore

    Lol love that! Im currently having lessons so I could do with his help!

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