Ravensburger PJ Masks Team of Heroes Board Game


Ravensburger PJ Masks Team of Heroes Board Game review by Family Clan

Ravensburger PJ Masks Team of Heroes Board Game

We love PJ Masks and it is the next big TV hit that has taken my household by storm, Jake and Grace are often dressing up as Owlette/Catboy/Gecko and running around the house shouting ‘Super Cat Speed’ which I’m sure you are well aware of if your children like PJ Masks too. So when we were asked to review the Ravensburger PJ Masks Team of Heroes board game, we jumped at the chance.

Romeo has created an army of Robots that are advancing closer and closer to PJ Masks Headquarters.

Whats in the Box?

Ravensburger PJ Masks Team of Heroes Board Game review by Family Clan

The contents of the box:-

Game Board

33x Playing Cards

4 characters pieces, Romeo, Cat Boy, Owelette & Gecko

15x Robots & bases

Romeo’s Lab & base



How to play PJ Masks Team of Heroes Board Game

Use your beginner strategy skills and superpowers to win as a team! This is such an exciting game where we need to work together as a team to beat Romeo’s robots, no tears of one child winning the other!

Firstly we put one of each coloured robot onto its corresponding starting position leaving you with four of each colour robot placed at the side of the game board.

Place the pack of cards to the side of the board game.

Set up Romeos lab and base near the entrance. Romeo’s lab has a spinning number, you start the game at number ‘7’ and your aim is to get the number down to ‘0’ before the robots get to PJ Masks Head Quarters. (Not as easy as it sounds!)

Ravensburger PJ Masks Team of Heroes Board Game review by Family Clan


The pack of cards indicate what moves you are to take within the game. Pick up the first card off the top of the deck, you must first compete the task displayed at the top of the card (Romeo’s turn), he moves throughout the game depending on the card revealed, it can work in your favour, or not at all, or it could be he has to add a robot on to his path! (Throughout the game Romeo can be moved onto 3 different coloured spaces.)

This is followed by the task at the bottom of the card, (your turn) you have the option of two moves to take which could be moving one of your PJ Masks figures closer to the robots to eliminate them, or to turn the dial down on Romeos Lab, the option varies per card. You may also be lucky enough to pick out one of the PJ Masks super power cards which give you a jump to help defeat the robots.

Ravensburger PJ Masks Team of Heroes Board Game review by Family Clan

We aim to use our PJ Masks Heroes figures to zap the robots away, but be careful, as we stop to zap the robot, Romeo may well just end up adding a robot into your Heroes position which will send our PJ Masks hero back to their starting position.

Sometimes turning the lab dial down seems the best option, but be careful! Them pesky robots catch up on you fast leading their way to Head Quarters! If the robots get to Head Quarters before you turn your dial down to ‘0’ that means the game is over and the robots win!

Up to date we have had 11 games, and so far…. the robots are in the lead by winning seven of the games.

Our Thoughts

The PJ Masks Team of Heroes board game is suitable for 1-4 players and aimed for ages 4 years and up each game lasts about 20 minutes but can vary. The PJ Masks Team of Heroes board game is available to purchase from Amazon here.

This is a great tactical game to teach kids to think about the actions they take before they do it, before going for the obvious choice, to look around the board and see what is the best decision. Grace and Jake have really enjoyed this game and even I have had great fun. The game can also be played as a single player which is not very common with board games, but you can simply play along, drawing the cards out seeing how the game plays out.

I would recommend this game, we really have had great fun, and spent hours playing and is a favorite.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace


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3 Thoughts to “Ravensburger PJ Masks Team of Heroes Board Game”

  1. Jeanette Leighton

    Looks good fun for the little ones my daughter Sheriah 5 loves pj masks

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Two nephews birthdays in April – BIG BIG fans – birthday present sorted ! thanks

  3. ashleigh allan

    Looks a fun game – my kids are a bit old for this but I am sure my nephew will love pj masks soon! Seems to be the in thing.

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