Giveaway Ravensburger’s Disney Eye Found It! Review

Disney Eye Found It GiveawayRavensburger’s Disney Eye Found It!

We have been asked to review Ravensburger’s Disney Eye Found It, hidden picture game, and wow, what a game!

Join Mickey, Tigger, Ariel and friends on a magical journey through 12 marvelously illustrated Disney realms. All players need to reach Cinderella’s castle by midnight.

With a little luck spinning the spinner you’ll move forward quickly, but the clock is ticking. Watch out for when it’s time to search! As a team you can win lots of extra steps towards the castle by finding the right objects at the right time. Take a card, turn over the hour class and start searching: How many hidden objects can you find?

This year’s National Unplugging Day is being held on Sunday 25th June and they are asking parents around the UK and beyond to pledge to #GoGadgetFree and spend the day from sun-up to sun-down without any technology.

About Disney Eye Found It!

We love playing board games, and this game has gone straight to the very top of our favorites to play! We have thoroughly loved playing this game and got lost with time and we ended up playing until nearly 10pm! Ravensburger in my experience are very high quality products and this game meets up to my expectations. You join the pieces of the board game together which is just like a giant jigsaw making the length of 1.8 meters!

The contents of the box:-

Giant game board
Clock face
6 playing pieces with stand
spinner with pointer and holder
12 plastic rings
30 search cards
Hour glass

Disney Eye Found It Giveaway

From a choice of 6, choose your Disney character piece you would like to play with.

Now we were ready to play, youngest player goes first. Spin the spinner and see where you land
The spinner has numbers on 1-8, Mickey Mouse symbol in red and blue, and Clock Tower 1 and 2.

Numbers 1-8 – Advance your playing piece as many spaces forward as shown on the spinner

Clock tower 1 – Move the hand on the clock tower one hour ahead, then re spin

Clock tower 2 – Move the hand on the clock tower two hours ahead, then re spin

Mickey Mouse symbol

It’s time to search! Turn over the top search card from the draw pile and show it to the other players. Call out the object on the card and turn it over the hourglass. The search begins: All the players search the game board for the object shown on the card at the same time (there are more than one of each on the game board).

Whenever you find an object, place the little red ring around it and continue your search until the hourglass has run out of time. Add up the number of objects that all the players were able to find on the game board. Now everyone advances their playing pieces as many spaces forward on the game board as objects discovered.

Example: If the search card shows the image of an ‘apple’, then all players work together to find apples before the time runs out. If you find 5 apples, then all players advance their playing pieces 5 spaces.

The aim of the game

The aim of the game is to get to Cinderella‘s castle before midnight! The clock starts at 1 and if you spin the spinner and land on Clock Tower 1 or 2 the clock ticks forward closer to midnight!

The game is over as soon as all players have reached the castle. If everyone has reached the castle before the clock strikes midnight, you have won the game!
The game also ends as soon as the clock strikes midnight. If not all players have reached the castle, you have lost the game.

The board displays many different scenes from our Disney favorites throughout and  we are finding new objects every time we search, discover more than 1,000 hidden objects! This game will last you hours if you want or just 20 minutes for a quick game!

I love that this game is simple to play and uses observation and co-operation as we work as a team by finding the hidden objects together. There are no ‘you found more than me’ as we are advancing our pieces together to get to Cinderellas castle.

Disney Eye Found it is an amazing game, we have had so much fun! With its excellent quality this game will last in our ever growing collection for many years.

The game is suitable for ages 4+ and 1 to 6 players. Available to purchase from Amazon here and all god toy stockists

What will you do on your #GoGadgetFree day.

Mummy H and Jake

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Ravensburger Penguin Pile Up Disney

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  1. Amy Lambert

    never heard of national unplug day but we was out at a family fun day

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    we went for a walk with the whole family

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    I missed it , but still – we didnt spend much time in from of screen as we were visiting family all weekend

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    I’d never heard of national unplug day, sounds like a great idea, something to get people reconnecting face to face

  5. Gemma Newton

    We were out at our local beach

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    I wasn’t aware of national unplugged day but I do make a point of no tech time with my 5 year old son. We play board games, do jigsaws or crafting or curl up together and read.

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    I didn’t know there was such a day – I will remember next time!!

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    Spent with family having lots of fun and exploring new places

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