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Ravel Tales

Meet Ravel Tales!

These quirky characters live in a cozy, little sewing shop called The Last Strand. Although there is comfort and security hiding from customers inside their balls of yarn day in & day out, they do find themselves curious about the outside world. Secretly, they band together and form a club called The Unravellers and plot how they can venture out (and unravel their yarn balls) without being noticed. These adventures ultimately become their ravel tales

Ravel Tales has come such a hit in our house. Grace just couldn’t wait to delve straight in, and who could blame her. The presentation box and view inside of colourful yarn just screams out excitement and ‘unravel me‘.

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan


There was no waiting around, Grace examined the box and got super excited at the look of unicorn on the box and wondered what animal she would discover as you can see on the side of the box what Ravel Tales pet you can collect.

So she picked her first Ravel Tales to unbox.

Ravel Tales Unboxing

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan
She was really excited to see which Ravel Tales she got.

So as you can see by Grace’s face, her eagerness to see what was inside was a picture!

She was genuinely so excited to see what was inside.

Opening the box we get an insert to show which animal we could reveal and also and instruction leaflet. Grace had a good look and said which she would hope for.

Now it was time to unravel our Ravel Tales and find our nine surprises inside!

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan

Now Time to Unravel

So you start by pulling the first bit of yarn it’s like a never ending ball, Grace loved it!

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan

We kept unravelling and unravelling. You will find the smaller length of wool which in this ball was coloured pink, these ones will be used for making bracelets, a pom pom and a collar for our Ravel Tales.

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan

As you unravel you then get a glimpse of which Ravel Tales you will reveal.

Grace was super excited as she could see the purple peek through behind the pink wool and started guessing which animal it will be.

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan

She straightened out her pet and was instantly in awe of her new friend Picasso and gave her a big cuddle.

Within the box was step by step instructions of what we needed to do next. They were so simple to understand, along with very clear image demonstrations too.

Crafting with Ravel Tales

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan

We first set onto making a pom pom. By using the tool we unravelled, we wrapping the wool round and round it 25 to make out pom pom.

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan

Grace couldn’t quite figure out how this would make a pom pom, so to see if be made she was very intrigued.

Then chopping either side of the wool, which I did to help with her as there were so many different strands to cut. Then I added the key chain on to it for her.

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan

Fair to say Grace was extremely happy with her newly made pom pom and asked if it could go on her bag.

The next task, was to make a bed for our friend Picasso. Included within the Ravel Tales ball was also material and a plastic sewing needle. So many surprises in one box!

This was such an enjoyable task, Grace loved it and didn’t need my help at all. She did an amazing job, she hadn’t really done any sewing before this. I am so proud of her attempt.

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan

Near to the end of sewing we stopped to then add the filling of our bed. This is where we used the multicolored yarn that we used to unravel, at the start to fill our bed. Filled it to all the corners and then Grace sewed the rest of the bed up.

The remaining wool was used to make two bracelets for Grace and also a necklace for our new pet Picasso. I did this part as this was needed to be plaited and she is let to learn this skill.

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan

Isn’t Picasso so cute? Grace loves her and has took her on so many adventures in her dolls pram, and now she has taken pride of place on her bed alongside with Pizzazz, which was our second friend we un-ravelled.

Ravel Tales Review by Family Clan

Our Thoughts

Just look at the complete cuteness! We absolutely love these, and I myself also think that they are fantastic value for money. For a brand new product in the market and it costing just £10 there is so much play value, and it was good crafting time. It’s a big thumbs up from us.

These are collectible new products from Character and there are 12 characters to collect for series one, who will you find?

Ravel Tales Review

You can purchase Ravel Tales from Smyths Toys Superstores and Argos.

Mummy H & Grace

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  1. Lyndsey cooksey

    Oh how lovely are these! I’ve not heard of these before. My niece would love them.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    How cute are these – sure our girls will love them ! The next big craze!!

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