GIVEAWAY: Rapidough from Drumond Park

Rapidough from Drumond Park

Guess to slow and you lose some dough!

Table-top gamers, you’ll absolutely love Drumond Park’s RAPIDOUGH, the UK’s original and most popular team game of modelling charades. It’s absolutely hilarious – and, the whole family can join in the fun!

Rapidough is a family favourite fast action, shape making, game from Drumond Park.

Split in to two teams and take turns modelling from the words on the play cards, be careful as if the other team win they get to steal your dough! Can you make a model that your team can guess?Rapidough Drumond Park Review Family Clan

What’s in the box?

2 containers of coloured Modelling Dough

2 Modelling Mats

2 Modelling Tools

2 Dough Plugger Tools

300 Word Cards

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to be the first team to guess a word being modelled by one of your team before the other team guesses their own team’s word and gets to steal a plug of your dough.

Rapidough Drumond Park Review Family Clan

The Cards

There are three types of cards that can be played in the game, they are shuffled together into one pile. There are cards with one word, cards with three words, the modeller chooses one word from that card to start creating with their playdough. Cards with two words show one of each team’s colour. This means that you must create the word in your team’s colour.

Rapidough Drumond Park Review Family Clan
Mummy H’s attempt – Grave Stone

There’s never a dull moment, as everyone plays at once, in every round.

The modeller starts by selecting a card and spending a few moments thinking on how to make the word from the dough. Place an amount of dough on the X of the play sheet and hands on the palm prints.

When one of the other players says “Go” the modellers starts creating the word on their card. The other team members start guessing. The team can have as many guesses as you want, but the modeller can only reply with “Yes” or “No”. The team that guesses the quickest wins.

Rapidough Drumond Park Review Family Clan

The modeller can not use letters or drawings on the models they create, nor can they assist team members by mouthing the word!

Rapidough Drumond Park Review Family Clan

Even though Rapidough is suitable for ages 8+, Grace of course wanted to join in, so Nanna Jane whispered for her to make a flower, and off Grace went to make a flower with her dough, she rolled a sphere shape and then made strands of dough to make the petals, impressive!

If your team loses then the opposing team takes the dough plugger tool and “steal” some of their dough. The first team with all the dough wins.

We found putting the dough that we won back into the dough pot was a better way to keep them separate so the colours don’t mix.

If you find your dough has gone a bit hard, simply add a small amount of water or vegetable oil and knead tight it thoroughly. Make sure you keep the lids on when not in use. Please Note: Rapidough contains wheat.

We have had great fun playing as a family, myself, Grand dad Al, Mummy H, Jake & Grace all loved this game and the kids have already requested another game tomorrow.

Rapidough is available from all good toy stockists RRP £27.99 and Amazon. This would make a great game for over the Christmas period.


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    I love looming! I’ve made some absolutely stunning blankets over the years

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    I really love papier mache and we have made swords and shields.

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    I was taught to knit aged 8 by my great aunt. I have knitted ever since for my children, nieces and nephews, and now knit for my little granddaughters and grand-doggie.

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    My daughter and i love cardmaking, weve nearly finished making all our xmas cards for this year x

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    I love cross stich, i’ve made loads.

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    We’ve been knittinga scarf for my dog – then we came to the blinding realisation she’d probably just eat the scarf – so now we’re knitting them for the kids….

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    My favourite crafting hobby is adult colouring though I did used to do embroidery too.

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