GIVEAWAY: RainBocorns Sequin Surprises Reveal

     RainBocorns Sequin Surprises Reveal


High up in the sky, where rainbows are born,
Lives the magical sequin heart Rainbocorns!
They’ll make you smile and brighten your day,
In their own sparkly, rainbow, unicorn way.

Combining the magic of unboxing, unicorns and sparkle, RainBocorns are the new collectable plush from ZURU.

I’m sure they are going to be the hottest toy of 2018, and dare I say, they could well be the most sought toy this Christmas and at the top of every little girls Christmas list!

And who’s to say they’re not! Look how cute they are!

RainBocorns review by Family Clan


Each surprise RainBocorn comes in their own hatching egg, which one will you find? There are 12 to collect of these magical creatures!

Each egg contains one of 12 collectable animal character – Unicorns, Puppycorns, Hamstercorns, Kittycorns, Monkeycorns and Bunnycorns.

Grace really loves them and has took a major likening to her new RainBocorns, each of them went to bed with her in a line snuggled in with just enough space for Grace, awww!

Each egg has a different coloured unicorn horn, this is in place to protect the horn of the creature inside, but gives a great effect to the product casing too!

RainBocorns review by Family Clan

Reveal One

To reveal out first RainBocorn we opened the outer layer which is a simple pull down on dotted plastic, next we have clear cellophane, once this was removed we were ready for our great surprise!

Grace squeezed the egg with one big cuddle and our first Rainbocorn was hatched! We revealed Scout, who is a very fluffy purple creature with wings on his back. Scout is extremely cute and adored instantly by Grace. The magic heart sequins that are on the front of the egg, can then be removed and placed onto the belly of your new furry friend or it also has a clip on the back for for us as a fun accessory, Grace loved to clip it in her hair!

RainBocorns review by Family Clan

Each of the RainBocorns have these magic sequins on their tummy, and when you brush the sequins up it reveals a picture. Underneath Scout’s sequins we have a very yummy donut, mmm!

Inside the larger egg is also a smaller surprise egg, which inside has a Boo-Boocorn, which is a tiny baby RainBocorn!

Grace has already played for hours with her new furry friend, and Scout even came and had tea with us!

Reveal Two

The second RainBocorn we opened was also ever so cute, meet Pixelle! Pixelle has super cute cherry design revealed under its magic sequins, Grace recently ate her first cherry and loved them so much she ate the full punnet, which made Pixelle extra special as she says she made the cherries appear. Just like magic!

RainBocorns review by Family Clan

Reveal three

How cute is our next little friend Dazzle! With her cute rainbow magic sequins on the front, and pink horn. After Grace opened this she loved it so much, I told her about when she was little and she used to call rainbows ‘Nemos’, she thought this was hilarious and has renamed Dazzle, to Nemo Dazzle!

RainBocorns review by Family Clan

Reveal four

Next meet our new friend Gigi, all things pink, sparkly and unicorns. Exactly what this little girl loves! Grace is a real life princess (of corse!) So she placed this RainBocorn on her head and said she is wearing a crown too!
RainBocorns review by Family Clan

Reveal five

Our next RainBocorn friend we met was Loco! Loco loves bananas, and his cheeky tongue licking his lips just tells me that she has just finished one too!

RainBocorns review by Family Clan

Reveal six

Our last and final reveal! How exciting they have been, our last RainBocorn we revealed is Hipity! Hipity was given a big warm welcome, with the ice cream on its tummy, Grace said that this is her new friend to have a matching ice cream with! Hipity is also licking her lips, it must be all that yummy ice cream!

After this Grace asked if we could make our very own RainBocorn ice cream, so we went to Iceland yesterday and bought some bubblegum ice cream, (unicorn ice cream) and shared her ice cream with Hipity!

RainBocorns review by Family Clan

We were lucky to find two sets of Boo-Boo Unicorns inside our RainBocorns. Grace was thrilled to bits, she loves these so much, they are so sparkly and pretty!

RainBocorns review by Family Clan


Our Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed our reveals, we have absolutely loved these RainBocorns! I can see these being the big hit this Christmas and the number one toy that also a great price that won’t break the bank for us parents!
RainBocorns are such great quality and I do love that each one is completely different, from the arms and legs, to their mystical eyes.

RainBocorns review by Family Clan

RainBocorns RRP £24.99 and available from Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, Asda and B&M from the 21st July.

You can see all of our RainBocorn video unboxing reveals on our Facebook page.


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