Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Play Set

Qixels Kingdom Family Clan ReviewQixels Kingdom Castle Attack Play Set

Qixels are an award winning brand brought to you by Character Options. The pixelated cubes fuse together with a blast of water and allow children to create their own 8 bit pixelated world full of fun themes and characters.

The Qixels Kingdom Castle attack play set features 1,000 cubes to create a Qixels Kingdom where children can defeat the savage trolls and regain power of their lands!

Prepare for Battle! Qixels Kingdom is at risk of total destruction! Build your medieval world one cube at a time. Customise your castle the way you want it, then build your army of trolls, kings and dragons. Just make, spray and play.
 Qixels Kingdom Family Clan Review
 The contents of the box includes:-
  • 1,000 Qixel cubes
  • 6 design templates
  • 6 display stands
  • 2 cube trays (top and bottom)
  • All the parts to make up the castle
  • Water sprayer
  • 1 storage tray
  • Instructions

First we started to assemble the castle as shown on the diagram in the instructions which was quite simple to follow.

 Qixels Kingdom Family Clan Review
 Connecting the pieces which fit securely into place together to make the castle. Then we were to make our first Qixel design.

What Did We Do?

From a choice of 6 design templates Jake chose to start with the image of the axes. So we inserted the axe design under the tray and placed the top tray over. Now we were ready to begin, using the colors on the template below we then inserted the Qixel cubes to match to create our designs come to life. Inserting each cube one at a time and pressing each one firmly into place as you do this. This part is great for hand to eye coordination.
Jake really enjoyed doing this part and he was quiet doing this so you can really tell he was concentrating.
Qixels Kingdom Family Clan review

After you have completed inserting each cube you check over the pieces pushing them in making sure they are all level and straight and with the water sprayer you spray your design approximately 25 times so that the whole design has been soaked, tilt the cube tray and gently shake off the excess water and leave to dry on a flat surface for 30 minutes or more. No heat, no glue, no mess!!

Qixels Kingdom Family Clan review

Once the surface feels completely dry you then pull the top tray off the bottom tray and you will then be able to easily remove your finished Qixels creation and all the cubes will be stuck together and you can now use this as part of your kingdom! There accessories that come supplied you can then ‘plug in’ the accessory into one of the unique cube holes. You can then place your design onto a base and on a stand so you can freely play with your creation. It is simply amazing how it works and Jake really love this.

Qixels Kingdom Family Clan Review

 What Else Can I Make?

With the 6 designs to choose from there is hours of fun for making and playing.
Also available to purchase:-

Qixels 3D maker – Once they have mastered the technique of Qixels children can take their designs to the next level with 3D. There are a variety of 3D characters to create including aliens, bugs and jungle characters. RRP £24.99

Theme Packs – There are so many cool designs to create including dinosaurs, pirates and even monsters! Once created, these pixelated characters can be used as individual toys to play with or make great bedroom decoration. RRP £9.99

Mega Refill pack – The fun is as endless as your child’s imagination with the Qixels refill pack, the pack includes 1,500 cubes including 750 glow in the dark cubes. RRP £12.99      (Looks like im going to have to get this one for Jake as he keeps telling me he would like to make his own monster inventions!!)

The Qixels Kingdom Castle Play Set is suitable from age 4+ RRP £29.99 and would make an excellent gift idea too as they are so different but so brilliant! 

Mummy H and Jake

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  1. Ashleigh Allan

    Looks lots of fun. My son would love this

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    This looks like lots of fun, my children would enjoy playing with it xxx

  3. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Looks GREAT fun
    My nephew’s would love this as much as jake

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