Pure Potions Hair & Scalp Care

 Pure Potions Natural shampoo & Conditioner Family Clan

Pure Potion Hair & Scalp Care that is 99.9% Natural

Pure Potions Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Family Clan

I was sent Pure Potions Hair and Scare to test. Because of all the medication I take my hair is a mess!  I know I need to book in to the hairdressers, but it’s frizzy and not a pretty sight. So I was intrigued to try Pure Potion Hair & Scalp that is 99.9% Natural – natural just has to be good for you right? And it’s Vegan friendly.

Pure Potions Natural shampoo & Conditioner Family Clan

I was sent the Pure Potions Natural Shampoo and Conditioner. I can tell you they smells amazing! Almost smells good enough to eat. If I could find a candle or air freshener with the same smell I’d buy them!

Pure Potions Nautral Shampoo

Pure Potions Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Family Clan

This is what it says on the tube of the shampoo.

A remarkably mild & gentle, unperfumed, SLS-free natural shampoo, specially formulated for those with dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Suitable for all skin types, including babies from 6 weeks. Contains organic nettle, calendula, chamomile & chickweed to sooth & nourish.”

My hair felt really clean after using the 99.9% natural shampoo the first time and now I’ve been using it for about a fortnight along with the conditioner, I still need to go to the hairdressers but my hair isn’t as frizzy and feels so soft to the touch. Which is a bit of a miracle in itself as I colour my hair and have done since my mid teens, been all sorts of colours from blue to grey – yes I was 20 years old with long hair and I had my hair coloured grey, what was I thinking!!!! Now I tend just to cover the grey of the roots with an off the shelf colour of a reddish brown.

The shampoo doesn’t foam as much as my L’Oreal, but it does say on the packaging to expect a “gentler foam” as it doesn’t have the harsh synthetic ingredients added for cosmetic purposes. I always was my hair twice in the shower to make sure it’s really clean.


Pure Potions Conditioner

Pure Potions Natural shampoo & Conditioner Family Clan

This what it says on the tube. of the conditioner.                  “A wonderfully nourishing, unperfumed, natural conditioner specially formulated for those with dry, sensitive or allergy prone skin. Contains organic hempseed oil, oat flour, chamomile and chickweed to soothe & condition with no harsh chemicals, perfumes or foamers. Suitable for babies from 6 weeks”

The Pure Potions 99% Natural Conditioner smells gorgeous. It is an exceptionally pure and gentle conditioner with organic oils to keep hair healthy, glossy and soft.

The shampoo’s consistency is like runny honey and a similar colour too, where as the conditioner is thicker more like a soft toothpaste consistency. I use about a £2 coin size for my shoulder length hair, rub it between my hands. To spread it. Then apply it to my scalp and comb it through with a large tooth comb.

I leave it on as long as I can whilst I shower and wash the rest of me before rinsing my hair clearly.

It really does leave your hair feeling so, so soft. I have used probably 30 plus different conditioners since buying my own and never has my hair felt this healthy, without an expensive treatment from a salon.

My Thoughts

You get 200ml in each tube. You can read even more about these fabulous products on Pure Potions website.

Even though I had a lot of my hair cut off the last time I went to the hairdressers, I think I had about 4 inches cut of to try to get rid of some of the dry ends. I don’t suffer from split ends I’m relieved to say, but my hair feels like I’ve been to have it done professionally.  You know how luxurious your hair feels when you walk out of your hair salon but you can never repeat it at home or at least I can’t.

I can’t blow dry my hair because of the arthritis in my shoulders, just doesn’t happen, so feeling this glossy with out that extra step is amazing. I love it and I’m converted to using Pure Potions Natural Hair and Scalp products.

Nanna Jane


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169 Thoughts to “Pure Potions Hair & Scalp Care”

  1. Kayleigh Watkins

    It sounds like a good brand, my scalp is often dry so I’ll have to try the scalp treatment one xXx

  2. Diana Ross

    After a shower, turn it on cold and rinse your hair, makes it extra shiny 🙂

  3. Natalie Crossan

    Drink lots of water and lots of green tea

  4. Aimee Leedham

    I always use spf as a primer for make up. I am 30 next year but still looking 12.. winning.

  5. Lisa Mauchline

    My tip would be drink lots of water throughout the day and get plenty of sleep

  6. Lynda Graham

    Cover your hair with cling film or plastic bag when conditioning or treating hair
    It creates heat and deeper penetrates roots and scalp.

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