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Pukaca Space Review Family Clan Blog

We looked at the Loubilou website and wrote down all the toys and games he liked, it was a very long list to start off with, but we finally settled on a space theme as Jake loves looking at the stars and talking about what he can see and let’s his imagination flow.

We have received a space theme paper toy to review by Pukaca from the lovely people at Loubilou. This design is called ‘Space Paper Toy’ aimed at age 7+ due to lots of cutting and gluing at accuracy.  There are some simpler designs for younger children.

Pukaca Space Review Family Clan Blog

Jake decided we had to cut out the spacemen for our Space Paper Toy first. So he cut around the cutting lines of the space men and we then bent the folds which is shown as a ‘- – – ‘, dotted line, which guides you where to bend so that the space man can stand up on the space scene. We then started to build the space car, bending and gluing to make a rectangle shape for the body.  Jake cut out the wheels and stuck them on to the car each one was labelled on the card for the Front or Back wheels.

I made the seat for it although I found it very hard to figure Pukaca Space Review Family Clan Blog out what the seat was it wasn’t clearly labelled, so I did a quick Google search on their website to see where the piece went, but once I seen how it folded it all made sense. The computer parts for on the car we’re so tiny to make, smaller than a one pence coin, although the detail on the cut out is really good as it’s showing a computer screen and you can see the images on it clearly, but once cut out it was actually quite easy to make.
paper 3We next made the space scene. Cutting out the base and the background which was then glued together. Jake then added the orange planet, which he cut out and glued to the back of the space scene so it was peeping out at the top. I cut out the items larger items as they are very specific to size to fit, so he let me do that bit, then we folded the flaps and Jake applied the glue to the areas where needed.
There was also a space rock that fitted perfectly into the backdrop to give it more of a 3d effect. We cut around bent the flaps and glued together. Once it was dried Jake glued it onto the backdrop scene.
 Pukaca Space Review Family Clan Blog

Next decision to make was the space dome which was on two bits of cardboard and it is a large size so we cut one side, made the folds and glued it together. It looked like half a football, so Grace was walking Pukaca Space Review Family Clan Blog round with it saying football, but we managed to put it on her head and called it a crown and it actually fit on her head! We then cut out part two of the dome folding in the correct places. It was easy to follow which part was to connect to where, as they were colour coded to match, so we matched the colour from part 1 to part 2.

We needed to create the door of the dome which is made like a flap but inside the shape which was really tricky as we didn’t have a craft knife so we tried a household sharp knife to create this door in one of the hexagons but after trying the cardboard ripped, so I definitely advise getting a craft knife in future, we could not cut with scissors as the door was in the middle of the shape. After it ripped it luckily did at the bottom so it is still easily used as a door.
I felt it was missing some instructions as there were pieces I wasn’t sure where they go. Even just a simple word next to cut out to say “under ufo” would have made it a bit easier for us.

I found it quite tricky to join the 2 parts of the UFO together but this is the result..
Pukaca Space Review Family Clan Blog
Pukaca Space Review Family Clan Blog  We loved this product and it did take a while to make, so this would be really good for crafty children and definitely something that I would recommend for keeping the children busy in the summer holidays as it could easily take a full morning to get it completed! Jake is approaching his sixth birthday and there was parts he struggled with, but gave it a really good attempt.

The product is made from 100% recycled paper, which is really important to us, I pointed this out to Jake, as he really loves recycling and how recycling works as we have previously been on a Green Start course at his school which showed him the whole process of recycling from start to finish. After we finished cutting everything out, Jake even made sure the cut outs that were left over went back outside in the blue recycle bin!

The set includes
1 landscape, 2 vehicles, 10 characters +3 extras and we used PVA glue.


Loubilou have a fantastic range of clothing,  toys and gifts from sellers around the World and all at amazing prices.  They are open24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The delivery was super quick, very well packaged and included a personalised note for Jake, which he loved and I thought it was an extra special step for them to make.

We at Family Clan highly recommend Loubilou.

Mummy H

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    These are ace – great for this horrible summer weather we’re having – great fun

  2. s powell

    This is a super fun idea

  3. Helen Moulden

    This looks brilliant! I think mine are too young though currently.

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Been at my nephews today and we were doing the sea
    Lots of fun

  5. sandy ralph

    this looks like fun for my grandson

  6. Maya Russell

    I think this craft is ideal for children – when they want to do some cutting & sticking & creating.

  7. Kim Styles

    this looks fun and perfect for the development of motor skills especially as they do simpler ones for younger children

  8. RachelSwirl

    this looks awesome!

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    These are an excellent idea
    Perfect for the long summer holidays

  10. Jayne Townson

    These look perfect for some rainy day fun, my son would love them.

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