Project Mc2 – Safer Internet Day

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

Project Mc2 – Safe Internet Day

It’s Safer Internet Day today the 5th February we have been sent these Project Mc2 kits to review, Grace was in utter excitement when she seen these as she said that this is what she wanted from Santa, but she forgot to write it on her list!

What is Project Mc2?

Project Mc2 is a team of smart and seriously cool girls who use their love of science and their spy skills as they go on missions for secret organization, NOV8.

NOV8 needs your help to create a beauty experience using science. Show off your beauty and your brains with fun cosmetic experiments.

You can join Project Mc2, real girls with real skills, going full S.T.E.A.M. to makeover the world, one experiment at a time. Watch the Project Mc2 original series, on Netflix.

Project Mc2 Ultimate Makeover Bag

As we have been sent this bundle of three products to review we better get started!

Grace really couldn’t wait to get open the Ultimate Makeover Bag. It looks like every girls dream!

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

Create your own makeup with these awesome cosmetic experiments. The Ultimate Makeover Bag helps a secret agent experiment and look amazing with these makeup experiments disguised as art supplies.

You can create your own custom nail polish, lip gloss, hair mascara and crayon makeup.

This set includes the backpack with storage, lip gloss pen, nail polish pen, hair mascara tube, cosmetic jar, 2 pipettes, experiment booklet and makeup ingredients: crayon wheel with 6 colours, shimmer nail polish base, nail polish colourant and scented glitter lip gloss.

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

There is all the accessories you need to start your experiments off but additional household ingredients not included.

Store all your secrets in the super chic lab station disguised as a fashion backpack. Experiment again and again and take your cosmetic chemistry wherever you go.

Customize your Project Mc2 Ultimate Makeover Bag that opens to reveal an awesome makeup mixing and storage station.

You can create your own custom nail polish, lip gloss, hair mascara and crayon makeup.

Take the whole bag with you wherever you go, Snap off the removable palettes filled with your homemade makeup to make touch-ups on the-go even easier.

You can also attach your device to the top of the make up bag when in use to watch your YouTube tutorials.

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

Grace was so excited to get started, we was a bit unsure what to do at first.

Using the instruction booklet this has all the experiments included. You can make yourself DIY Lip Gloss, DIY Nail Polish, DIY Body Glitter, DIY Crayon Makeup, DIY Hair Mascara.

The DIY creations, take quite a few house holds products which you need to source for yourself.

I.e. to make your DIY Body Glitter, you need to source yourself clear hand gel, cosmetic glitter, lotion, essential oil or perfume, bronzer.

DIY Lip Gloss

There is a more simple experiment to start with by using the lip gloss tube, lip gloss colourant and sharpie lip gloss tube.

This is the only experiment that you can do in this set without having to source products yourself so a good one to start with. We just needed to remove the lip gloss container cap, squeeze the contents of the clear glitter lip gloss into the base then use the brush tip cap to apply the gloss onto your lips.

We will be trying this one after Grace has got rid of her impetigo!

Our Thoughts

I feel this set would 100% benefit being supplied with more of the products needed than having to source yourself especially the more harder to come by products such as cosmetic glitter.

If the set came with a few pots of the products you need it would have been so much better. We could have started right away with doing some of the activities.

Grace liked the idea of the bag with many different compartments to store the creations in The Project Mc2 Makeover Bag is available to purchase on Amazon.

Project Mc2 UV Nail Maker

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

Design your own press on nails with Project Mc2 UV Nail Maker! This looks so amazing. I love that the ‘purse’ is actually the UV light, keeping it very girly of course! (3x AAA batteries required)

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

In this set we can use the scientifically formulated UV gel polishes to fill the nail mould wheel using the 2 nail polishes included then add your glitter or confetti.

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

We then used the mixing stick to to mix into the gel.

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

Now we just needed to combine the wheels by attaching the top wheel to the bottom wheel. Turn on the Nail Maker and inserting the wheel in.

The UV light will cure and harden the nails: press on nails are ready in less than 2 minutes! The UV light only comes on when the tray is inserted

You can also use different colours and add the included glitter for further customisation!

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

So far so good!  Once the light went out from the UV Nail Maker, we took apart the two wheels and are now present with our fully dried nails, this took no time!

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

This was our first attempt, we trimmed the nails using the scissors into shape by cutting off the excess. Taking note to use a thinner layer of gel for the next attempt.

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

This worked much better, and we got better the more we went on.

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

Using the nail adhesive we then used these to stick our nails on.

You can see which was the better attempted nails, the ones to the top of the photo. We definitely got better with practice and enjoyed this girly time.

The set includes nail maker with UV light, 2 UV gel polishes, 2 nail glitters, 2 nail design mould wheels, 2 design tips, 100 nail adhesives, 1 pair of tweezers, and 1 cleaning tool.

Our Thoughts

We have really enjoyed this set, Grace loved having the girly time with her Nanna. This Project Mc2 UV Nail Maker Set set is available to purchase on Amazon.

Project Mc2 Science Party Science Kit

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

This Project Mc2 Slumber Party Kit we received screamed out excitement for Grace. This is ‘ultimate girly time’ she says!

Using this set you can use science to create the ultimate slumber party for you and your besties!

This awesome slumber party science kit contains six amazing skin care experiments that will help you totally chill out and have your own spa experiments.

Experiment again and again with all the spa experiments in the Slumber Party Science Kit and check out the new, scientifically-improved you!

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

When we opened, Grace just loved all the little compartments in the boxes full of all the accessories she needs for a slumber party.

Contents of the Slumber Party Science Kit box:-

Face mask palette with cover, roller stick, packet of clay mask base, big jar with lid, spray bottle, packet of sugar, scrub base, small jar with lid, 2 scents, mixing bowl, shimmer powder, spoon, pair of eye goggles and brush.

In this set we can make our own glitter body gel, sugar scrub, rainbow face masks, enjoy a spa eye mask, highlighters, citrus hair spray.

Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

This set did seem like we needed a lot more household products to source, i.e. to make the rainbow face mask we needed to use water, aloe vera gel, psyllium husk, cream costume paint (in all the colours of the rainbow).

To much of a disappointment to Grace, we don’t have any of these products, so she was very sad that we couldn’t create this for her, as this was the one thing she was really keen to try.

Next she wanted to use the cucumber eye mask, and we finally had this product at home for her to try! I cut up the cucumber for her more slices than two as she likes this vegetable and ate plenty on her way to use.

The cucumber slices were to small, and it was a decent sized cucumber, but they were to small to fit in the frame so next time we will need to go and find the fattest cucumber we can!

Our Thoughts

The Project Mc2 is aimed at age 8+ so there are further experiments you can do such as the Highlighter Lotion where you can create your own make up highlighter using highlighter powder.

We can’t wait to try out the Glitter Body Gel using the roller stick for us to use when she goes to parties, but before doing this we need to get Aloe Vera Gel and Liquid Glycerin.

Project Mc2 Slumber Party Science Kit is available from Amazon here.

Staying Safe on the Internet with Safe Internet Day

Join Project Mc2, real girls with real skills, going full S.T.E.A.M. to makeover the world, one experiment at a time. Watch the Project Mc2 original series, on Netflix!

Remember to be safe on the internet. Here are Project Mc2’s top tips for helping your kids stay safe online.

Project Mc2 top tips for Safe Internet Day 2 Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

Kids, take note these are so fantastic tips for staying safe online.

Project Mc2 top tips for Safe Internet Day Project Mc2 review by Family Clan

Don’t forget to check out our previous review of the Project Mc2 H2o Nail Science Kit.

Mummy H & Grace

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7 Thoughts to “Project Mc2 – Safer Internet Day”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    These look amazing! I agree about including more of the necessary items, though.

  2. fionajk42

    These sets sound great, but I agree with you that it would be better if they included all on the non-perishable ingredients. By the way, you can easily find psyllium husk in any Indian grocery store, where it is much cheaper than if you buy it at a health food store. In India it is traditionally used as a cure for constipation!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    We have some of these already – just find it expensive to replace – his good fun

  4. Ashleigh Allan

    These sets look great. My daughter would have loved them

  5. Susie Wilkinson

    It’s so important to ensure we keep kids safe online, I see children of Primary School age having free reign on social media and it terrifies me……..

  6. Susan B

    How fabulous. No wonder Grace was so excited! They’ve absolutely nailed it with these sets.

  7. Sharon Freemantle

    I think Brooke would love the MC2 project. Like you I think it would be better with more things included. It’s a bit like having a toy and no batteries.
    The tips for staying safe are great to print off and put on the wall to remind them what to do.

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