Project Mc2 H2O Nail Science Kit

Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Kit Family Clan Review
Project Mc2 H2O Nail Science Kit Review.

Create one-of-a-kind nail designs by using a process called hydrographic printing.

Fill the beaker with water, which completes a circuit and lights up the station in the process. Drop nail polish onto the surface of the water in concentric circles, using as many colors and drops as you like. The polish floats, allowing you to make a design using the stick. Dip your nails into the polish to create amazing and unique marble designs!

Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Kit Family Clan Review

Contents of the box:-

  • Base with LED light
  • Beaker
  • 3 nail varnish holders
  • Stir stick
  • 4 pipettes
  • 3 nail disks
  • Nail adhesive sheet
  • Instructions

We also needed to gather some items for us to use the Project Mc2 H2O Nail Science Kit.
We gathered:-Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Kit Family Clan Review

  • Nail polishes
  • Batteries
  • Masking tape
  • Water
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton buds.

To assemble the Project Mc2 H2O Nail Science kit I simply inserted the 3 nail polish holders into the openings of the base facing inwards, placed the beaker onto the center of the base, and turned it on.
Give your nail varnishes a shake and place them in the holder and twist open then fill the beaker in the centre 3/4 of water.Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Kit Family Clan Review

Next we needed to select the appropriate size adhesive for each nail. Peel off the adhesive and apply to your nails, then peel off the top layer. Pull off the appropriate size nail from the nail disk and stick it on top of the nail adhesive. Use the masking tape and place around your nails so only your nails are visible thoroughly covering your finger tips.

Designing and Finishing Your Nails

I inserted the pipettes into each one of the nail varnish and squeezed gently the top of the pipette to Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Kit Family Clan Reviewgather the nail varnish getting us ready for creating our design.  So to start designing we held the pipette over the beaker and squeezed to release one drop of nail varnish. Using another pipette you quickly drop in another drop of a different color into the center of the first. Then we used the 3rd pipette to quickly drop in one more drop of the 3rd color nail varnish into the center of the second color to make a bull’s-eye look.

Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Kit Family Clan ReviewWe use the stir stick to blend the colors and create unique patterns, dip your fingers into the water with your nails facing downwards over the design.
Use the stir stick to remove excess polish from the water around your nails. Then pull your nails out of the water and shake off the excess water. We then dried Grace’s nails inside the nail station by placing her fingers in and pressing down on the button which starts the fan, after they have dried remove the masking tape from around the nails and using nail varnish remover to remove excess varnish.

Empty the beaker and start again for the other hand.

Project MC2 H2O Nail Science Kit Family Clan Review

Grace enjoyed the idea of creating her own pattern nail varnish but wasn’t to keen on having the masking tape on her fingers for to long and wanted the masking tape removed after she dipped her nails into the pattern.
I would say if we going to do this again, then I would definitely do the designs with her but use tweezers to dip the nails in then allow to dry before applying them to her as this would be a much less messy way as after we were finished I had more nail varnish over me trying to clean up Grace and the equipment. I guess Science can be messy and I am fully aware that getting messy can be fun for kids, both Jake and Grace enjoy messy play and I encourage it, but this mess is permanent, like the nail varnish on my jeans and dining chairs!
I have struggled to get the beaker and pipettes clean for re use, I have also used nail varnish remover quite a few times and even leaving them to soak in the solution its still not removed from inside the pipettes, so I feel after a second use the pipettes will no longer be usable and will be blocked.

This product is priced at £24.99 which I don’t think is a fair price considering that most of the equipment required is not part of the set and I have had to source these myself, I feel it would have been better if it came supplied with batteries, cotton buds, tape and most important nail varnishes, as it is an essential for the nail station so I thought it would have been supplied with a couple to get you started!

I usually love anything that gets kids involved and learning something of educational value and I hate being negative when writing reviews, but we do like to be honest.

Mummy H and Grace

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5 Thoughts to “Project Mc2 H2O Nail Science Kit”

  1. Ashleigh Allan

    Looks great but I agree I would expect everything to be included

  2. fairymansion

    Great review. Will be too messy for me. I am sure kids will love it.

  3. Kayleigh Watkins

    This looks like fun, Megan loves me painting her finger and toe nails xXx

  4. Margaret gallagher

    My neices adore anything their mum does
    They’d love this too

  5. Susie Wilkinson

    I love anything to do with nail art, but I wouldn’t pay that price for the kit either! I bought everything I needed to do gel nails much cheaper, and I mean ‘everything’!

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